Friday, June 24, 2011

We are growing up!

As of yesterday are set to close on the house! July 14th, Adam and I will officially become home owners :) Our house is 3 blocks off a strip of cute restaurants and shops. Two blocks from a dog park and overall just a great fit for us. FINALLY.

Over the past year, I would say we have looked on and off at around 50 different houses. So, to actually find one in a good area, that will work for us is a true accomplishment with the Denver prices! We are so excited.

The house was built in 1918. It is extremely charming- with the original hard wood floors, claw-foot tub + vintage tile in the bathroom and vintage details around the house. Here are a few pictures from the MLS. I need to go over there and take better ones. Its has a great backyard too- so Tyson will be extremely happy there and project #1 is to put a doggie door in for him.

Welcome to 4404 Wolff St. Come visit us!
The front- obviously.

Claw-foot tub/tile in one of the bathrooms

Kitchen (the blue room in the back is the mud room, which leads to the backyard)

Mud room! The railing you see leads to the basement.
One side of the living room.

Other side of the living room. Needs new paint color ASAP!
Sunday, June 12, 2011

Biking, Hiking and Drinking

June 6th was Adam and I's 2 year anniversary! Holy cow- I literally can't believe its already been two years. Anyways, since we had been to Mexico in May for Courtney and Brian's wedding- we knew we couldn't do a huge trip. So Adam decided to plan a little surprise weekend get away for us.

Friday after work- we jumped in the car (I still didn't know where we were headed). Adam had told me what to pack and the only clue I had was that there were bikes in our car! Adam completely outdid himself- we ended up about 3.5 hours away from Denver in Palisade, CO! Palisade is the home to the famous Palisade peaches.... and lots of other fruits, including grapes. Basically this part of CO is perfect for growing grapes and has recently been becoming its own little wine region in CO. There are probably about 20-30 wineries in the area (all small, some VERY small). And since we are wino's... it was perfect :)

We stayed in a cute B&B and spent the entire day on Saturday biking to all the vineyards... and we hit 11 of them....

Starting out!

So to explain this picture above. One of the wineries we went to was a Meadery. Which means, they make Mead wine- which in a nutshell is honey wine. Its made with honey+water+yeast. No grapes at all! And it was SWWWEETT and delicious! They made all different flavors including: Cherry honey, Blueberry honey, peach honey, apricot honey, cherry chocolate satin (my fav) and their special- raspberry chocolate satin. It was really fun and different.

One of the other wineries we went to specialized in fruit wines. Made similar to wine made with grapes, but they do all different fruits. I believe they had around 30 different flavors on the menu. They were also really, really sweet- but really really good. My favorite was the cherry wine- which we brought home a bottle of.

Back to the pics....

And what I felt like after hitting up 11 wineries...... I felt just like I look. Notice my purple mouth- awesomeness...
Sunday we woke up and headed back towards Denver. About half way, was a hike we have wanted to do for a very long time. We didn't even realize this hike was on the way, so it was a last minute decision and it was AMAZING!!! We hiked up to Hanging Lake. Its about 10 miles East of Glenwood Springs and a mile hike up and I will let the pictures do the talking... WOW.

The hike up...

Behold: Hanging Lake. The water was crystal clear.

So after we hiked up to the hanging lake- we heard there was a second trail that took you behind the waterfall. We found it and I am sure glad we did. It was exhilarating. I quickly went behind the waterfall, but it was freezing and wet. I tried to stand there to take it all in- but could only last a few seconds. Adam got a few pics (quickly so he didn't ruin the camera).

Behind one of the falls...
LOVE THIS PIC! It was kinda scary, but worth it.
It was a fabulous weekend. Adam and I had such a good time together. I told him I get to plan our next surprise trip- but don't know if this one can be topped!

Love you Adam- Happy 2 year. Cheers!
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eventful Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was an eventful one!

It started with the Dispatch concert on Friday night at RedRocks: Amazingness.

Saturday morning, we woke up- put an offer on a house, went back and forth with the seller and was under contract by about noon. Meet the future Griffin residence- if all goes smoothly. We are tentatively set to close on 7/14. Yipee! And people, it is SO cute. More pics to come...

We then met up with some friends at the farmers market- then decided that the beautiful day called for a Wash Park day. Amazingness again.

A few of the crossfit boys...

Don't worry folks, I had a swimsuit on with a cover up. Adam told everyone he could beat me in a handstand contest. It wasn't even a contest.... compare the form.

After Wash Park- we headed out to get Pizza. Amazingness.

After pizza- Tyson started coughing and throwing up for 5 hours straight. We finally took him into the emergency vet (it is just kennel cough). But thank goodness this happened on a weekend night considering we didn't get back home from the vet until 4:30am. Tyson is fine. But this was the opposite of amazingness.

Sunday, was a lazy day. We went and bought home decor mags (we have some big plans for the future house) and then decided to try out "Jazz in the Park" with Nick and Maddie (they were in town for the concert). Its a weekly event that happens in one of the largest parks in Denver. Basically you bring a picnic, blanket and wine and sit on the grass while jazz bands from around the area play. It was super fun and something I definitely want to do again!

I was so sad for the weekend to end. But yesterday was Adam and I's two year anniversary and he is surprising me with who- knows- what this weekend. My guess is we are heading to the mountains somewhere.... but I am pretty pumped for whatever he has planned to celebrate! Love you babe!

Happy Tuesday :)