Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Holidays are here

Adam and I had pretty much the perfect/productive day. I LOVE Christmas and our tree is absolutely beautiful!! I decided to go with the "classy" look- silver and gold tree... and I am obsessed. We put up our Christmas lights outside and decorated/cleaned the house. Wine, Christmas music, and filling out my expense report for work ($1343.66- no wonder my credit card bill was so high this month!).

Merry Christmas!

We have transportation!!!!

Yes, we got a new car last Friday when we were in KC... so exciting to not have to worry if we are going to make it from point A to B anymore.

Not excited about the car payment we will now have, but it is completely worth it and I think we can get it paid off pretty quick with my new raise! yeah! :)
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Married Life

So I have been a total slacker in the blogging world. Whenever I travel, our days consist of waking up early, working all day and having late night dinner/drinks... so with the past two weeks spent in San Antonio and Atlantic City- I have had no extra time to do anything else. I actually just checked my gmail for the first time this morning in about a week and a half!

We are back in KC for Thanksgiving... we are very excited that we are FINALLY spending some quality time here and not rushing out of town like usual. It is a bit of a challenge to try and split our time up equally between families, but both have been pretty understanding that we have two families now. Last night, was the first time we stayed at Adam's parents house and the first time since we have been MARRIED that we have stayed here... so new experience for me. Last night Adam wanted to go say hi to some friends down on the plaza. All guys, and so I opted to stay at the house and hang out with his parents and sister... completely fine. I get a call close to 11pm when I am going to bed - it is Adam asking if he can stay out with the guys and spend the night with them on the plaza. At first, I have no problem with this... but the more I get thinking about it, I REALLY don't want to sleep there alone. So, I tell him this- I can tell he is slightly frustrated but says he will be home soon.

I wake up at 1am. Adam is not home. I call him about 5 times- he does not answer any of them. My thought process goes something like this "what a jerk!.... I think I am mad.... I am going to stay mad at him all tomorrow..... oh my gosh, what if he got a DUI driving back because I told him to come home and he is in jail.... what if he got in a wreck, etc. " isn't is crazy how our minds start thinking the worst? Well, about 30 mins later, I call him and he answers and is about 30 seconds away from the house. I am relieved, and now just annoyed but thankful he is home.

I am not sure if I was in line with the other wives on not wanting to stay here alone- or if I was just being uptight. I am open for comments.
Monday, November 9, 2009

Pi Phi Control!

Have you ever been out with your friends (usually drinks involved) and you think to yourself "this is the most fun moment of my life!" Well, I think this thought passed through my brain at least a dozen times this weekend.

You know that feeling, when you drive into Manhattan, the so excited, nostalgic- longing for college feeling? Well, this feeling lasted the whole 3 days I was there. This was my first time back for a game this year and I definitely can't describe to you all how happy I was to be back, with all my best friends and acting like we were in college again. So all of this got me thinking...
Why do we still think it is so cool/funny to come up with the most funny dance moves we can think of on the dance floor? Especially since these moves would probably be embarrassing if we were in a normal state of mind?
Why did we go to bed at 3am and wake up at 7am to start tailgating?

Why did I leave my whole wallet at Ale House on Saturday night?

Why do we scream the words to pussy control at the top of our lungs- so that my voice hurts the next day?

Why is it still cool to make our friend take a shot out of a complete strangers lap?

Why was it that when Adam and I woke up on Sunday- my wallet was gone, his ID was gone and we had lost the key to my sister's house?

Why did my husband stop talking English by midnight on Saturday and just decide to bark like a dog instead of speak actual words for the rest of the night?

The list could go on and on... but the point of this is how does one town make us all act like we are freshmen in college again? I love Manhattan. What a great bachelorette party for Vanessa!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I am too old for this

The weekend in Manhattan hasn't even started yet and I am already worn down. I drove to Manhattan last night with the intentions of getting a lof of work done today! Well, I wasn't really considering where I was staying and the circumstances.

Kayley picks me up last night off of I-70. We get back to her house and unload. It is almost 11pm and I am soooo tired and ready for bed. Kayley has homework, takes a shower, decides to clean the kitchen (which her room is connected to). Long story short.... college people DON'T go to bed early. By the time she comes to bed, it is way after 12. Her boyfriend calls when the bars close for a ride home at she is up and about again. Tyson decides he wants to cry all night and eventually gets to sleep in the bed with us. I maybe got 2-3 hours of rest before my alarm went off for WORK this morning. Meanwhile, Kayley doesn't have to be anywhere until 11:30am.

So, now it is almost 3pm, I have a headache, am tired and need a nap!!!!! College people- DON'T EVER GRADUATE!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Craziest Story EVER! (at least in my world)

Wednesday nights we have "supper group" with our church. Our group is made up of young people that live in the area married and single. Anyways, Adam and I haven't been every week- so tonight we met a new couple, Kim and Taylor. They are super cute, 25 and have just been married over a year. We got on the topic of dogs duirng dinner. Adam and I were talking about Tyson and they mentioned that they got two dogs this year and now it is really hard to go out of town now. Long story short.... after several questions (how old are your dogs, what type, etc.) we figure out that they have Tyson's brother and sister!!!!!! Same litter and everything. So crazy! I remember the lady that had Tyson even talking about the cute couple that couldn't decide, so they took two and boy and a girl.... anyways, I am still in shock about this and so excited! 1) Tyson has his first play date set up with his brother and sister next week 2) The couple was awesome and totally in the running for Adam and I's new couple besties :) 3) this could solve a lot stress when we go out of town if we watch their dogs and they watch Tyson. We haven't gotten that far in the relationship yet, but Adam and I are definitely going to work on it.

WHAT A SMALL WORLD! Their two puppies are Olive and Nash. Nash looks very similar to Tyson and Olive is brown (looks much more like a shepherd). Anyways, I can't wait for Tyson to meet them! I just love happy endings :)
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cars give me headaches and make me cry

enough said....

By the time we are finished reparing my car $3000 down the drain.... FML
Monday, November 2, 2009

Our pride and joy!

Since Tyson chewed my cord that uploads my pics from my camera... these are just from my phone. Ali Moore said I hadn't posted any pics of Tyson recently, so I decided today was the day I should grace you all with pictures of our little, naughty, so cute son. I have lots of good ones on my camera, but have not had a chance to purchase the new cord yet, so more to come!

Before you look at the pics, I would like to share with you some of Tyson's new habits:

1) Carrying around my bras. He LOVES them. He will get into a pile of my clothes, but only grab my bras out.
2) Standing on top of my desk. When I let him in the house from outside, he tries to beat me back to my chair to jump up on it and get up on the desk (he likes to lick my coffee cup and grab my pens off the desk)
3) Anything he can get his mouth on (that he thinks he is not supposed to have) he likes to carry them around to see if we are going to chase after him with it - his most favorite/annoying new game
4)He constantly has his paws on the counter tops to see what he can eat/lick/grab off the top of the counter. We really can't leave any type of food up there anymore.

Seriously, he is such a terror. He is very feisty and always up to trouble, but on the other hand, he is the biggest snuggle monster. He will just lay in what ever position you want him to and get as close to you as possible. He really thinks he rules our house... in a way he does, but we are working on manners slowly but surely. He is definitely in the terrible two's.

Sleeping next to me while I work.

My favorite passenger.

So funny! Tyson got into a cob web and it was wrapped around his snout when he came in from outside. Disregard the pile of laundry in the background please :)

Tyson was a skunk for Halloween, he actually enjoyed wearing the costume, not so much the head piece.

Just one of Tyson many sleeping positions.