Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Blogger..... kind of...

Ali Moore blogged about the first portion of our vacation to San Francisco. I couldn't have done better myself. She did an amazing job and I have already read her post about 4 times! Can't get enough of it!
So..... please check it out on her bloggity blog.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 new goals in life

I have two new recent goals. One spurred up on our trip to Napa, the other occurred to me last night during Modern Family.

1) to become a wine-snob. Also known as a wob. or a wobby (wine-snobby). Not necessarily the snob part, but after one of the best vacations ever in Napa Valley with the Moores. I want to know A LOT about wine. I feel like we all got a good basis and now I need to know everything there is.... please look for the Ali's post on Napa. We forgot our camera and Ali took a ton of amazing pics.
Quick summary:
- fly into San Francisco, tour the Ferry building and China town. Go out to eat and get drinks
- Sunday: rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito. Amazing, so fun. explore more of SF when we get back over the bridge
- Monday - Wednesday. Three glorious days of perfect weather, wine tasting, eating great food and hanging out with an extremely fun couple know as Ali and Andrew Moore.
Perfect, Perfect vacation. I can't believe how pretty it is and how amazing the vineyards and wineries are. Ali and I may have had a few too many on Wednesday (we went to like 6 wineries... my classiness dropped a few notches throughout the day)

2) To be a part of- or be in the same place as a FLASH MOB! I didn't even know what this was until last nights episode of Modern Family.... Adam and I got into bed and youtubed flash mob dances for like an hour. Here is one of my favorites:
Literally like living in a real life musical. How do I accomplish this???
Friday, November 19, 2010


Was in Boston two weeks ago for work, then came home and flew right back out for vacation. Got back home last night, friends and family are in town for the KSU/CU game and after everyone leaves and I wind down- I will finally BLOG!
Stay tuned....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking a moment of your time....

To vent! And I know this post is going to be really ambiguous and probably really stupid for someone to read but I just have to get it out.

Starting a business is really hard. Like, 10xs harder than you think it will be when you start. I thought it would be fun to head up the card design and it has been fun for the most part, but now I hit the frustrating part which consist of organizing them, making sure I have the right file types, bleeds on the cards, etc.

I know nothing about graphic design, I know a tiny bit about what different file types mean but not enough.... and working with some designers is just a pain in the A. I don't know the answers to half the questions I get asked, I don't know how to pay my designer in Serbia because PayPal doesn't service that Country. I just don't know a lot of things that I should know.

I can see some issues that could become problems, but have no way to confirm if they are actual problems or how to resolve them. Anyways, I guess this is what you get when you dive into something head first that is completely new to you.

We are getting so close to getting things done and ready to test but there are just some bottlenecks we need to get through first. Please promise me that if we lose all our money in this process that someone will let us sleep on their couch for a few weeks?! I am being a little dramtic right now, but really....
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shopping on a budget (kinda)

This was a much anticipated weekend due to the fact that I got a commission check on Friday, which means, that we could actually afford to do a little shopping! I have not be shopping in FOREVER and neither had Adam (but more recently than me, surprisingly).
We both felt like we had no clothes and since we are leaving for Napa Valley in a week and a half, we both decided it was ok just to pick up a few things for each of us in anticipation for our trip and the Holidays.

We decided we could afford $200.00 each for a grand total of $400.00. This is soooo not a lot (considering I used to blow several hundred when I shopped in Dallas). But it was really fun to have a set budget that really only allowed for things we loved. Surprisingly we did excellent and came in UNDER budget when the day was done (thank you sale racks, forever 21 and Nordstrom Rack). Adam had spent all of his, but I didn't find a whole lot that I wanted so only spent about $140.00 out of my $200.00 allotment.

I was feeling pretty good until I was on Facebook yesterday an saw a pair of boots that I had to have on my cousin's page. So I messaged her, figured out where she got them and went and bought them last night. I am pretty excited about them even though it made me go over my budget (it wasn't by much) but I think I am set for the next few months.

San Fran/Napa Valley here. we. come. yay!

Pushin Through

Last night Adam and I went to Cross Fit. So far, we have been going strong for the past week and a half and both really love it. It is extremely challenging, but a great feeling when you leave the gym.

Well, I almost died last night. I mean, I know I am not in the best of shape, but I would like to think I can complete the workout. Lets just say that I had to do 5 rounds of the workout of the day. About 1/2 way into lap ONE I could have called it good. Adam was doing another workout so he didn't get to experience this with me.... I ended up completing all 5 laps but was in so much pain, I may or may not have gone to the bathroom to cry a little bit.........

We got in the car and I couldn't even talk to Adam for the first few minutes. It was a sad day in the life of Emily Griffin. It pains me to say this but 1) I am more out of shape than I thought 2) my cardio strength SUCKS!!!! 3) I think I might need to get an inhaler!! Yes, I always had one growing up because I have exercises induced asthma, but after gymnastics never had to use one. Well, I don't think I have worked out that hard since my gymnastics days and I can definitely tell I should be using one, especially in this thin-dry air.

Oh man... but cheers to trying to get back in shape.
Monday, November 1, 2010


A few reasons to vote!!!

1) Local elections affect you more than Presidential elections
2) If you care enough to complain, you better be voting! One of my biggest pet peeves is people who love to get into political conversations, or complain about what is going on with the government.... then I ask, well, did you vote?! Lots of times the answer is NO! I fully believe that if you don't vote, you shouldn't be complaining about anything... If you vote, well, then by all means- complain away :)
3) People often think their vote doesn't matter. Have you ever thought about if all those people with that thought process actually voted?! I think it does matter.

It is super easy and takes only a few minutes!

PS- if you are unsure about where to go... all you do is go to the Secretary of States website, verify that you are registered and it will give you the location you are assigned to.