Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transistional Post

We are moving into our new place tomorrow- yeah! But.... I am in Florida, which means Adam is at home and left with the rest of the packing, picking up the Uhaul, loading everything up, cleaning, turning in the keys, etc. I feel horrible for him, because we have a lot of crap. I am flying in late tonight and will help him unload everything tomorrow. But still- I definitely wish I could be there to help out and supervise to make sure that he does scratch or break our beloved bedroom furniture (hint, hint if you are reading this, Adam).

Stay tuned for the outcome of my painting project I did last weekend- I am very proud. Not to pat my own back... but I can be really creative. haha... no really. And I have some great stories from last night in Tampa that involve: wine, a nice restaurant, a live lobster and a few soccer moms. I just need to get the pictures emailed to me so I can post.

Think of this post as a transitional post... a post to tell you I swear I am going to post soon.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here it is! Pretty cute, huh?! We like.....

3 steps forward, 2 steps backward

So as the end of June quickly approaches, Adam and I have been scrambling to find a place to live since we are moving out at the end of June. Well, with our new target rent rate- we knew we were destined for an apartment. Long story short, we found one.... 2 bedroom, a parking place (which is like gold when looking at apartments in the area we live), a small shared grass area for Tyson and it is two stories. All for $725/mo and 1st month free, so averages out to $645/mo. Great right?! I know. We are going to be able to save.... a lot (hopefully). But I can't push away the feeling that 1) we are going from a cute house back to an apartment 2) I am nervous about the Tyson situation because we are the first tenants in the building to have a dog 3) The kitchen is TINY!!!! No cabinets, mini size stove and fridge, etc. The only reason why this is OK, is because I am never there... 4) the laundry is shared 5) I think a lot of college students live there and will assume Adam and I are freaks that got married while we were in college.

I literally feel like I am taking steps back, but I keep reminding myself this is GOOD! We are sacrificing to make a better future... blah, blah, blah. I have some major projects in my head to do over the next few weeks so I can make this place semi-cute. I will keep you updated as I get home a chance to put my creative juices to use!!

On a side note, we will have an ACTUAL guest room with a QUEEN SIZE bed... so COME VISIT US! We are about 1.5 miles from Washington Park in the University of Denver area (DU area). It is still a pretty great area with tons of bars and restaurants within walking distance.
Thursday, June 17, 2010

What to do when.....

What to do when you leave town, Tyson's at home, and you forget to leave the house key in Denver so Larry and Becky can take care of Tyson?

Solution: you tell them to break into the house

Expanding My Horizons

Until I moved out of KC- I didn't realize how very much the "same" everyone is there. Meaning, other places are much, much, MUCH more cultured. I worked in Dallas in an office of about 15 people. I was one of like 4 that wasn't bilingual or trilingual. I worked with 2 Persians, 1 Egyption, several others that could speak fluent Spanish and grew up either in Argentina or have parents straight from Mexico, etc. Living in Dallas really opened my eyes to new types of food and different cultures that I literally knew NOTHING about before moving there. Denver is much more like KC in that sense, but still a bigger city - so with slightly more culture.
Now, I am in South Florida at least half of every week and I am learning all about the Cuban culture which is really fascinating to me. Several of our lobbyist are Cuban and, therefore, I have learned much from disscussions about their background. Here are a few facts for all of you who don't know about Cubans either.
- Cubans are not Latinos and hate being called Latino
- Tortillas and mexican food are not what they eat. They eat a lot of rice, meats, beans, etc. but no tortillas involved :)
- What really is different about them in American is this: When Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba, the most knowledgeable and rich saw all the bad changes coming and were able to get out because they had money and means to do so BEFORE everything went downhill in Cuba. So basically, you took the rich of the rich (the lawyers, doctors, etc) from Cuba and they all came to Miami. Today, Miami is literally run by Cubans because of this. I met with some very powerful men this morning at a CUBAN breakfast restaurant in Miami. It was delicious..... the only glitch that gave my uncultured self away was when the coffee was brought to the table, they were all staring at me "expecting" me to do something. I had no clue what to do, or why they were looking at me. The waitress had given us all our cups and put something in the middle of the table. Since I was the only girl, they were all staring at me and I was confused.... so then finally some showed me what to do. (The cups only had steamed milk in them... the expresso is the in the middle- so you pour the expresso in your steamed milk to make your coffee and thats how the Cubans do it). So now, if you ever find yourself in a real Cuban restaurant and the coffee comes... it is actually just steamed milk in front of you.
Monday, June 14, 2010

Griffin Update!

Hey all, so I know I have been sort of ambiguous about our plans and where we are living. Lets just say, that our plans kind of fell through when my parents were less than thrilled to have us stay with them :) Which is fine, I guess.

Basically we are going to stay in Denver. We are staying in our current house until the end of June and have been looking at apartments like crazy. We want to more than cut our rent in half (from $1300/mo to $600/mo)- so I am going to be honest, our new place is NOT going to be nice. In fact, I almost cried yesterday when we went into some of the options. But it will only be a year and will give us the chance to save like crazy. Adam has been interviewing for SALARIED positions and if he gets one of them, I will cry out of excitement. We are very serious about BumblePost and are ready to make some major changes in our lives to be able to try this business out. Speaking of, by the end of the this week, we should have our logo!! I will share as soon as we finanlize it. And I think we MAY have found a web designer.... so things are starting to move along. We are still shooting for August, but won't branch out anything until it is ready (and I have a feeling it will be Octoberish).

Lastly, it was Tyson's 1st birthday on 5/31!!! I feel like the deadbeat mother because both Brittany Carter and Ali Moore did special blogs in honor of their pup's B-days.... Here are a few current pictures of our handsome man (and his face is scuffed up right now, he got his face bitten by another dog a week ago)....... :(

Friday, June 11, 2010

Adam has the "Keys" to my heart... hahaha

Last weekend, Adam and I celebrated 1 year of marriage! To celebrate, we took a vacation to Key West and Ft. Lauderdale- it was a much needed relaxing trip and I didn't want to it to end!! Anyways, here is a summary. Disclaimer: we did a horrible job of taking pictures. We didn't even pull out the camera but once or twice until third day of the trip so....
Adam flew into Ft. Lauderdale to meet me and we woke up the next morning bright eyed and really excited for our 4 hour trip to Key West- which was pretty fun and amazingly beautiful. We stopped for lunch on one if the islands (not sure which one) to officially kick off the trip.

Once we made it Key West, we had some time before check-in, so we walked around Duval Street and sweated our butts off. It was soooooooo hot and humid it was almost unbearable to be in the sun. So we quickly decided to see if we could check-in early and hit up the pool. We loved the resort decor by the way, so Adam took some good pics for some inspiration when we one-day decorate our own house/backyard! We seriously laid by the pool, read and sipped on beverages for the next day and a half. Oh! And got dressed up and ate great dinners and went out on Duval street as well (but we never took any pictures of that- I guess there is one below of me at dinner... )

We loved these old doors around the pool areas:

Hi Adam
Seriously, in love with the decor

These little geckos were EVERYWHERE (which I personally think are cute). But didn't someone just tell me they were endangered? Lies.

Here is a pic of the beds (yes, we booked too late to get a King room). I loved the decor (did I mention that already?). All teal and red. The Armoire opposite of the beds was a bright red.
The one and only picture of us (me) at dinner. Can't even see anything or my cute outfit. Next trip...

Our last day of Key West, we decided to take advantage of the ocean and so we went on a snorkeling trip. I typically love snorkeling, but this was a three hour trip- so just a long time to be out there. When we were snorkeling (which was actually amazing- we saw some HUGE fish!) it was pretty wavy and I got really motion-sick. So, when I got out of the water, I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up for the next thirty minutes or not. And Adam's nose is always too big for the snorkel mask (haha) so he was complaining about his nose hurting while we were in the water :) Gotta love him.

We walked by this tree on the way to the snorkel boat. Coolest tree, but coolest picture ever of the tree.

Sea turtle!!! So cool. I wanted to keep it.

Sunday morning we sadly said good bye to Key West. I was soooo sad to leave, I seriously considered moving there (but I didn't) and we drove back north to Ft. Lauderdale where we had a great hotel with a great pool and some beautiful beaches only about 2 blocks away. Adam went on a photography kick at the beach while I laid out.

All in all, great vacation. I love my sweet, sweet husband and am very thankful for him :) Next major trip up- Napa Valley with the Moores!!!! Let the count down begin....


I am back in Denver (yay!!)! Last night, Adam and I were talking to our downstairs neighbor. While we were gone our Landlord showed our house, since we are moving out at the end of June. We were asking our basement neighbor (Neil) if it got rented and he was filling us in on everything. Then, he told us he had some gossip for us! I do love gossip..... so here it is:

Our neighbors to the right of us- moved in just over a year ago. They are a little strange, but overall nice people that we haven't had much interaction with. Anyways, our Landlord said that he was REALLY close with the people who lived there before. Almost like family. They were an old couple and the man died a few years ago. Where did they bury the old man???? IN THE BACKYARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the people that live there now..... don't know it (this could be a law suit if they ever found out, by the way)!

Now everytime I look into their yard, I am going to be figuring our where the body is. And I am pretty sure every single creak or sound- I will denote to the ghost's doing.

Hmmm.... not sure how I feel about this news :)
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And now... a little rhyme

I am sitting alone in my hotel room in Florida
Sipping on vino and thinking about Glorida
Glorida, you ask, who is that?
I am not sure, she just happened to rhyme in this little tat
I am bored as you may see
Don't judge, or I might pee
If I was rich I would quit my job
But I am not, so I must continue to sale to the mob

I must travel with an evil manager this week
I hope I can make it through, if not, I might not be able to speak
You see, I am thinking evil thoughts about this coming experience
I might just quit before I have to go through with this (doesn't rhyme, I know)
Wish me luck so I am not fired
Although I won't give a crap and would throw a party when I get back to Denver if that did happen - I conspire.

Get me to Denver!!!!!

My next post will be about our 1 year trip that officially ended today when I dropped Adam off at the airport. But instead of leaving with him, I am still here in Florida- stressed out beyond my regular stressed out level and I cannot wait to get back to Denver! Officially, have been gone for about 3 weeks (I don't count my 12 hour trip home last week to unpack and repack) and I miss Tyson sooooo much. He probably doesn't know where I have been and this makes me really sad.
But lets just say that life hasn't been rough, I mean, I have had a few incredible weekends. Starting with New Orleans for Erica's bach party! These pictures are all off of facebook because I forgot my camera this weekend. And Brittany did this same post.... so I will summarize:

Day 1:
Lingerie Shower (my friends are soooo creative!!!)

Party on Bourbon St.

Day 2:
Hotel Bar
Walking the streets on NOLA
Pool time
Party time

Loved this weekend. It was much needed on my end and it is so great to celebrate a friend that is always doing nice things for everyone. Good to change it up and show Erica how much we love her :)
After New Orleans, I flew back to Denver to pack and repack and then flew to Florida, where I worked for a day and then picked Adam up for our anniversary trip! More to come on this... although, we did not do a good job of taking pictures. Anyways, after all my travels, I have been day dreaming about Denver. The nice weather that is not humid, my bed, Tyson, Wash Park, etc. And I don't think we are moving back to KC anymore... unless something changes in the next few weeks. But at this point we are just moving into a cheaper place in Denver and are going to make things work out. So, it will be busy trying to find a place to live and moving!!! Our life is crazy sometimes and this is one of those times...
Wednesday, June 2, 2010