Thursday, December 22, 2011

Long Lost Blog

Hello long lost blog friends. Not to make any excuses, but the other sales rep was let go the Monday after Thanksgiving (there were only two of us to begin with) and I have been doing two jobs ever since. And I have NEVER worked this hard or long since graduating from college.

But life is awesome! The weekend after Thanksgiving, my sister Kayley was in the Miss Kansas pageant in Wichita, KS. Kayley is not a pageant girl and kinda decided last minute to do it. Well... she got 1st Runner up, which is THE most bitter sweet place to get. I thought she had it.. wowza... the competition was stiff and there were some BEAUTIFUL girls. Its was so fun to be there. I never knew I could get so nervous watching someone walk across a stage in a swimsuit.

White swimsuit in the middle is her....
After the pageant, life has been filled with just a whole bunch of stuff. Company holiday parties, etc. Here are a few pics of the house.

The bookcases behind the table in both of the pictures below are the current project we are working on. Oh- and I still need pictures for a few of the frames on the wall.

New Chairs in the kitchen. So much better!

Merry Christmas to all! I leave for Costa Rica in a few days, so might not be back until January!! I'm going to miss you.