Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That just happened

Sorry for my brief hiatus folks :) About 2 weeks ago I sat down on a Friday afternoon at work and wrote a blog post, uploaded pictures, double checked it for typoes and hit "publish".    I decided to check the blog just to make sure it posted correctly and the formatting looked OK.    I was SHOCKED because someone had changed by blog background!! As I sat there and stared at the blog it started sinking in 1....2....3.... SH*T! I just posted my personal blog post to my company's internal blog... no one changed your blog background idiot.    In a panic  I logged back in and hit delete as quick as possible.     Then I Skyped the person who runs our blog:

me: "hey! I accidentally just posted my personal blog to the internal blog. I just deleted it but wanted to let you know in case you get an alert! :)"

Pedro:  "the alert goes out to Denise (VP of Sales), Jim (our CEO) and Michael (General Counsel)"

Me:  "I am going to jump off a bridge now"

Pedro: "dying of laughter"

I jump from my desk and run over to Pedro, reiterating the fact that I am going to jump of a bridge because I just posted my blog "My new roomies" to our companies blog.   Obviously embarrassing.

So the long of the short- this happened. But luckily we figured out the alerts runs every 15 mins.  So we waited a good 15 mins-  no alert went out- thank goodness I deleted it within 15 seconds of posting it.

So now we are here and I would have loved for you to actually read my amazing post that was deleted in a hurry.... so here is the summary.

We have new roommates!! Georgia (who owns CrossFit Lodo and has become a great friend) and her 2 lb teacup Chihuahua, Mike, now rent out our basement.   Our basement in the meantime has gotten a little facelift.  New paint, carpet and closet.    Pics of them to come.

We still have another guest room so don't hesitate to come visit :)  Cheers!