Friday, October 30, 2009

The Micro Pig

Have you heard about this new phenomenon? I guess in Europe these are the new craze. Tiny pigs that were bread to get approx. 10-15 lbs. full grown. Not that many people in the US have heard of them yet (at least I haven't) but I am very excited because my youngest sister Natalie is on the waiting list for one currently- her Christmas present from Greg. There is some breeder in Michigan, I guess... so I will keep you posted as the details become more clear. I am just hoping she gets it by Christmas so I can play with it for a few days! I mean, look how cute they are!!!!! So, so, so excited.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random thought of the day

Does any one else think it is really weird/stupid when married, engaged or dating couples have an actual conversation on each other's facebook wall- with each other? I think sending an email or calling would be much faster, easier.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On my mind

Thoughts on this for anyone who might read this post:

Saturday night Adam and I were leaving the club in LA and there is a guy standing outside of it with roses. He says "a rose for the lady?" to Adam. Adam just looks at him and says "dude, we are married and when you get to that point, we are over the roses"

Excuse me??? WRONG. I think this is something we might have to discuss. My comment back to Adam was actually something along the line of "Roses get you sex" Sorry for any mothers who happen to read this... but seriously? Men- Women love little gifts no matter what. Can someone relay that to Adam please?

Other quick updates:
-Going on week 2 without a car. Should have it back by Friday. Probably one the most frustrating feelings. I got onto Adam last night about figuring out his car situation since it has been sitting in our garage for almost 6months.
-Tyson has week 2 of obedience class tonight. I will be walking 2.5 miles there and back (5miles round trip) because we don't have a car. But I love class!! It is sooooo cute and he did a really good job last week. (he acts like a perfect angel for the instructor... she even commented to me "wow- does he already know this stuff?") Ummm... NO, not at all and he does not act this good at home.

Anyways, Happy Tuesday!
Monday, October 26, 2009

The Fabulous Life of Adam and Emily

This weekend was our much anticipated trip to LA to visit Elizabeth and her boyfriend Evan. I was completely bummed when I found out this was homecomeing weekend (missed the pi phi's this weekend), but I have to say it was quite a weekend. We did pretty much two things the entire three days we were there... drink and eat.

I would love to post pics from this weekend, but as I have mentioned previously, Tyson thought that my cord was his chew toy and therefore don't know how to post them. I need Adam to help me later. Friday night - we went out in Manhattan Beach. We went to a super casual, hole-in-the-wall type place that served Fanta Shots! Yep, these are their popular shots that everyone goes there to take. Combination of Fanta and Vodka- yum! Genious! These shots were approx. the same size (maybe a little smaller) than o-bombs, so needless to say, it was a fun night. The total amount of Fanta Shot cups we counted on our table when we left was over 50. Us four did not take all 50, but still.... a lot. Elizabeth apparently was blacked out and decided she wanted to dance in her underwear that night when we got home and run around outside and knock on her neighboor's door. It was hilarious, because she is NOT like that EVER and didn't have any recollection of that 15 mins of her life the next morning.

Saturday. Hollywood night. Evan (Elizabeth's Boyfriend) is best friends with JC Chasez from N Sync. Anyone who knew me in Jr. High and High School knows I am one of the hugest NSync fans alive. I know every lyric to every song and literally used to cry at their concerts. So when I found out the plan was to stay at his house (amazing) in the Hollywood hills that night, I almost had a heart attack!!!!!!! So, this is where we spent the majority of Saturday night pre-drinking and then coming back to after the club. JC was actually really sick, so he didn't come out with us and I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked, but I was in heaven the whole time and consistantly having to remind myself to "play it cool".

I was a little bummed, I didn't get "found" while I was there, but there is always next time! I was very excited we got to meet up with the Kelly twins on Saturday. I never get to see them and Courtney was in Denver last week and Ashley is coming for Halloween, so it was awesome saying bye to them and being like "see you in a few days!".

XOXO. Good to catch up on blogging!

I love American Airlines

Not really. Last Wednesday was such a cluster of a day, it still annoys me to think about it. You all know my car situation, so last week's work trip was slightly difficult to pull off at 4am.

Summary of the day:
-Wake up at 4am, put on a suit for the day
-Blizzard in Denver
-Have to take a cab (since I don't have a car) to the airport... cab is late picking me up
-Cab fair -$75
-The slowest cab driver EVER on the face of the planet when it comes to paying with a credit card
-3-5 mins past the American Airlines 45 minutes cut off for checking bags.
-Plead my case (I cannot carry on because have packed for almost a week worth of travels)
-The rude lady will not let me check my bag and insists it will have to go on a later flight
-Land at DFW airport- get rental car and go to work all day
-Finish work, drive BACK up to DFW to get bag
-(Have a mentioned yet that I haven't even eaten yet today? It is approx. 5pm by now- seriously, not one thing yet)
-I am starving, annoyed and sooooooo tired
-It has been pouring down rain in Ft. Worth all day
-Finally get to hotel, order a whole pizza for myself
-Internet and cable won't work because they have dish network and since it is horrible weather, can't find the satellite.
-Sit there... waiting... for the pizza.... nothing to do at this point
-Pizza comes... eat two pieces... find a hair on it.... and throw the rest away.

What a day!
Saturday, October 24, 2009


So many posts to come, so little time. I know I have been a blogging slacker, but hold your horses folks,  because I've got some good ones coming. 

Yes, I am drunk right now, but let me just say that I have been trying to find internet access since wednesday and this is the first time I have found it. Keep posted... 
1) My partnership with American Airlines
2) Devil Dog or Angel? 
Monday, October 19, 2009

When times get tough....

For those of you who read my last post, I wrote about some car trouble Adam and I have been having....

When we moved to Denver, Adam's car was not doing too great. We took it to the shop and they quoted 1500 dollars for repair. It isn't worth that much (1995 Ford Explorer) so we decided to hold off because since I work from home, we don't necessarily need two cars. So for the last few months, we have been using my car and it has been working out OK with just the one. We have been meaning to sell Adam's car, but just haven't gotten to it yet :)

Well, last week when my parents were here, we drove my car up to the mountains (30 min drive) and it was running so sluggish (literally, I was petal to the floor and it would only go 55 ish up hill). I was getting passed by semis! So Adam and I decided to schedule a time to take it in. So this Wednesday, we tried to take my car into the shop. We go out in the morning it won't start... this is the first time this happened. When we finally get it going and up to the shop, I end up spending $1000 on repairs. You think that 1 thousand dollars will get you through for the next 6 months or so... well, not my car. The NEXT day it won't start.... long story short is it is not working what- so- ever at all. Larry Duncan and Becky Hodnefield were here this weekend and we couldn't even make it up to the mountains. We had to turn around and come back in the middle of the drive. Now it is back in the shop and I need two catalytic converters... price quote is $2700. Shoot me in the head.

Luckily, this guy is awesome (new shop). he is really nice and completely understanding. Apparently, everyone is "sold out" of their catalytic converters, so he had to go through Infiniti (which is the most expensive option). So right now, I am researching these things online and hoping to find some that will work. I will probably save around 1500 dollars if I can find some online and he is helping me research. But still.... Adam and I have no car for the time being and we have a crazy week.

Please let me know if any of you have an extra car laying around that you would like to "donate" to us.

PS- NEVER go to Pep Boys (I wrote a nasty review on them today) if anyone is interested in reading. Google Pep Boys Denver and look at the Broadway location. You mess with me, I mess with you (name that quote).
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You know it's a good day when...

We had scheduled to take my car into the shop at 8am and when we tried to leave neither Adam's or my car would start this morning.... oh yes, you heard right. NEITHER car would start. (we got mine started- Adam's is still sitting in the same place it has been the past few months). I get back home and settled into my office and there is a freaking bee on the ceiling in my office. (PS- Bees love to sting me). So I finally took care of it- which I am very proud of myself about.

Pretty average morning and early afternoon, until the car place calls and it is going to cost $1000 to fix - lovely. Oh! and Tyson is tall enough to put his paws up on the counter and he just got the stick of butter off of it and finished it off. Yummy! (yesterday I walked into my office and he was standing on top of my desk licking my cup of coffee.)

I have hilarious pictures of Tyson from yesterday, but did I mention that he chewed through the cord that uploads my pictures to the computer?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ski season is here!

So, it was freezing in Denver this weekend so Adam and I finally took the $900 plung and bought our season ski passes. We are so excited and there are already 2 slopes open (A-Basin and Loveland) and so pretty much we could go up this weekend if we wanted. That is all great and everything, but I have like 1 ski outfit. So, I am in the process of finding good deals to build up my "collection" of awesome snow bunny attire. Tonight, we are driving to look at some skis I found on craigslist. This brings me to my point....

-Do you like to have fun?

-Do you like me?

-Do you like to ski?

If you answered yes to all of the questions, I think it is time for a visit! (If you don't like to ski, that is fine... you can still visit and we can have lots of fun in the city!)

Christmas Break 2006
Thursday, October 1, 2009

The history of my relationship with bugs

I moved to Dallas, a naive girl. Growing up, yes, I saw some bugs in my parents house. A few spiders, ants, and silverfish in the summer. None large and I had this awesome male roommate (my father) that would take care of it within 2 minutes of noticing the nuisance.

I had lived in Dallas for about a year when me, Ashley Payson and Lauren Hensley decided to be roomies. We found an awesome condo and signed a lease. Me being the brat I can be, decide I really want the master and will pay $100 more a month for it. We move in... about 3 weeks to a month pass by when one of the most awful, life changing events of my life happens. It starts when I come home late and Hens and Payson are not home. I go into my bathroom to go pee, sit down and am doing my business when I look onto the floor to see the largest animal I have ever seen sitting there, looking at me. Ok, ok... it was not an actually animal... it resembled a cockroach, but was so massive, I wasn't sure if it was some mutilated creature coming to attack me, or possibly an alien. I freak OUT!!!! literally, freak out... there is no way to explain the emotions that were going through me. So... I run out of my bathroom and stare at it. I need a plan of action, but I am so scared of this "thing" that I am not sure what it will do. It was standing so tall... had legs similar to a frog and was humping my bathroom rug (I don't know if it was actually humping, but it was doing something on it). I call Adam, who at this time in our lives worked at 4:30am, so he was asleep and seriously not happy about me calling him. I FINALLY get up my nerve. I am going to flip the rug on him and stomp the living daylights out of it. I do it. I am slightly relieved and get the balls up to take a shower. I am in the shower, constantly staring at the rug.... wondering if I actually killed it. I get out and just to check, I tap the rug just to make sure... WELL, OF COURSE, it runs out, crippled but alive and now with a vengense (sp?). I grab Ashley's can of hairspray and spray the whole bottle on it... I probably blinded it, but it starts charging towards me full speed.... I am crying, sweating and still dripping wet. I call Adam, bawling to him on the phone. He finally agrees to come over, but is pissed. I sit there and watch the disgusting creature slowly die. Adam comes over, kills it, cleans it up, doesn't look at me or talk to me, grabs a blanket and goes to sleep the rest of his few hours on the couch. I try to explain the story to Ashley and Lauren and they probably think I am a crazy roommate at this point. But the situation is over and I can move on with my life.... so I think.
The rest of our year goes something like this. We find out these are basically giant cockroaches called waterbugs (why? Because they can swim, and fly). Other people call them Palmetto bugs and they live in the south in humid climates. So, the following Wednesday (episode #1 was a Wed.) I am getting ready for work in my closet, when another freaking waterbug RUNS into my closet full speed at me. I literally let out the loudest, blood curdling scream ever. Poor Josh Dent was staying over with Ash and jumped out of bed because he literally thought I was getting raped. Everyone runs into my room and I tell them that the devil is in my closet. We go in there, can't find it. So Ashley starts moving my clothes looking for it. I look down and the creature is creeping out of my closet. The Bad Ass roommates kill it and episode #2 concludes. The ONLY reason I was glad #2 happened is so my roomies could actually see what I saw. Well, the term "waterbug wednesday" becomes a theme in our house. Throughout the year these awesome visitors were constant guests. Mainly on Wednesdays and mainly when I was home alone, of course. We found them in the kitchen, hallway, Hensley's room, their bathroom, but mainly my bed/bathroom... at least a few a week. I bet you are asking yourself why didn't we call an exterminator. We did, in fact he came every few weeks and felt like he was our buddy by the end of the year.

This story brings me to my point. I seriously researched if Denver had these.... they don't because it is too dry. Of course there are cock roaches everywhere, but not the waterbugs here. We are very lucky that we literally have not seen any bugs in our new house. I have seen A few really tiny ones, but none that give me a heart attack... that is, until tonight. I was cooking dinner, and I go to the sink and there is a large spider sitting in the counter. I was so shocked, that I at first had a freak out moment, but then got my self together and killed it. It is sitting there right now, I am waiting for ADam to come home and pick it up. I sprayed some windex on it too...
Anyways, I can handle spiders, I don't like them on the counter, but I am still so thankful it was not a waterbug. Waterbugs have contributed to an approximate 5-7 year loss off my lifespan. I might have some ulcers from it too. I can handle bugs, just not LARGE ones. Men in Black (the movie) must of had some sort of affect on me.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of some waterbugs (I am just putting the links) just so you can see what is the #1 thing I am afraid of. #2 is lightening if anyone was wondering.