Monday, May 31, 2010

"Life Should be Simple"

Before continuing, read THIS post first. (and if you are way behind, check out this one first and foremost.)

We have started our business blog. As mentioned in my previous post, our slogan is "Life should be Simple" and our blog is about simplifying your life and getting back to what is important. As we get our business started there will be stories about BumblePost, funny things that happen, stuff we do wrong and learn, etc. For now, Adam has been our only blogger and he is an amazing writer if I do say so myself. He has posted about 3 or 4 times and each time has blown me away with his ability to write!

Here is the link:

A few clarifications/our Biz...

I just got back from one of the best weekends. More to come on Erica's bachelorette party soon....
Anyways, I wanted to clarify a few things/describe our business for my readers!! I want everyone to understand that Adam and I have been thinking about this for a long time. This was not a spur-of-the-moment anything. At the end of the day, I am a financially conservative person with goals and the hope to eventually buy a house and have kids. We also understand that if ALLL of our money goes to (yes, that's the name) then we won't be able to go backpacking. In my post below.... what is mapped out is the Cinderella story of everything falling into place. I am telling you all now, that we are fully concentrated on the business first and foremost. We are both keeping our jobs the entire to time to save as much money as possible, so if we can still go backpacking, we have enough saved to be able to go and not come back totally broke.
Backpacking is a dream of Adam and I's and something that will be done whether we leave 3/1/11 or later. We really thank everyone for their support and yes, I know, a lot of you might think we are crazy and that is fine.

We are essentially creating an online greeting card company called BumblePost. You send physical greeting cards (except they are post cards) priced at $1 + postage. We have our "Beehive" which is your online calender to keep all the important dates on. We can pull the dates from your existing calendar and hopefully from Facebook as well. You will be able to customize the message on the back of the card and we basically print and mail them on the days you want them to be mailed out (our thought was you could sit down one day- get all of your cards ordered for the year, we send you confirmations when they are printed and mailed). Our slogan is "Life should be simple" and we are creating a very simple lay out that is functional and easy to use . Instead of 50 designs to choose from, we are creating more around 5 B-Day cards... a few blank ones and Appointment Reminders for the businesses (think Dentists, etc. who need to mail their patients about upcoming appointments, etc).

Very simple, very cute, very cheap... all for $1 + postage. Think of a merge between E-Cards and actual greeting cards you buy from the store. We have selected our printing company and are still deciding on a Web Developer. We hope to be ready to launch in August- and are thinking some sort of "Launch Party" to intro the site to our fam and friends. We have thought long and hard about this and prayed about it a lot. We feel it is right for right now because we don't have kids to support or a house. Please ask me any questions you want and I will keep you all updated as we move this process along and start to get the site up and running. Also, I will need several opinions on graphic design, etc.!!!

Have a great week :)
We are really excited.
Friday, May 28, 2010

Here is the "News"!

Hey everyone,
Here is what the "news" is- which is probably not as cool as I built this up to be.... but anyways, here it is.
Basically, I have been very unhappy/stressed with work..... and have always wanted to go backpacking. Well, we decided lets do it- so 3/1/11 we are on a one-way to Australia. We are planning on Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and hopefully Southeast Asia. We decided that 10 months from when we planned this would be enough to save up for this....
Meanwhile, Adam (as you know) is always creating business ideas and such on the side. Probably about two months ago, Adam came up with a phenomenal business idea and we decided to run with it (more on this later- easier to explain in person). So we have been meeting with people, planning,etc. the target launch date for this new business is August as of now...... this company is basically going to be all Internet based, from our end. So we can be in Australia and still operate it (and hopefully make money while we are gone).
Then, we decided that since we are backpacking, starting a business- we need to save a lot of money- so we are moving back to KC until we leave. We are going to live with my parents and hopefully just save money/get the business started. This business is a lot of start up costs and basically it is the smartest thing for us to do right now. Oh! and I am not quitting my job, just yet.... I am the main source of income right now and the "financial backing" of the company... LOL.
1) KC
2) Business
3) Backpacking
These are the 3 pretty big events that the Griffins are about to embark on. We are very excited, a little scared (well- I am scared because this will be ALLLLL our money). But we have thought about worse case scenarios and none of them are bad enough to make us change our minds.
So- More the come on the business. We will be promoting the heck out of it, so you all will eventually get sick of hearing about it- but I hope you can all support us. I know we are slightly crazy and some will think we have lost our minds- but that is just fine with us..... it is now or never!!!!!!
Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love to READ!!

Getting ready to get on a plane, so this will be a short one, but just had to post this quick, genious idea I am super excited about.
I needed a new book to read, typically I rent from the library, but I finished my last book so quick- I am stuck without anything to read on the return flight. Anyways, so I walked in the Ft. Launderdale terminal A store and bought a book... basically, they are doing this new thing that after you read the book, you have 6 months to return it with the receit and get 50% of your money back!!!!!! Genious right? So, now I don't feel so bad about the $15.o0 I just spent.... but I just love this idea AND there are a ton of great books out right now I am dying to read (like Emily Giffin's "Heart of the Matter"). I think that one will be up next! And now that I am covering this area and am here every week, this will be amazing for saving some $$ :)
All smiles on my end right now- on my way to KC!!!! Woo hoo!
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Pretty Excited

Adam and I's ONE year anniversary is 12 days from today. It has been our goal from day 1 of marriage to do something special for our anniversary every year. Whether it is just a weekend trip to a B&B, a nice hotel for the night, or a real vacation. Well... Adam and I are pretty much obsessed with vacationing, probably like most people, but I am slightly insane about it (checking deals constantly even if there is no $$ or special occasion coming up).

With all this being said, we had tentatively planned to go to Jamaica for our anniversary. I had found a few deals that were 4 nights in a 4 star resort for about $850/person (all-inclusive with Flight). Not bad right? Well, just before we actually booked Jamaica, I got moved to the Florida territory... which got us thinking.... we could come to FL, probably with free flights and work it out to be a lot cheaper than Jamaica. So that is what we settled on. I have to admit, I have not been too excited about Florida for our 1 year because I am here every week, and we hadn't planned anything out and I couldn't decide on what or where we should go.

So, I finally figured it out last night (I was up until 2am researching hotel/reviews/places, etc. etc.) - told you I am a freak... so here is the plan:

-I am already going to be in Florida next week (so free flight for me).
-Adam gets into Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday night- and we are going to stay at my hotel (work paid... and did I mention Adam's flight is free too?).
-Thursday morning- we are going to drive to Key West! We are super excited because Key West is about a 3 hour drive all along A1A- down through the ocean, small islands, etc. We are pretty pumped about this mini-road trip. Oh and did I mention the rental car is free too??
-We will arrive in Key West on Thursday and are staying HERE. I cashed in my rewards on my CC and so the difference is only about $20o.00 left for us to pay.... (if you don't have a good rewards card, get one!)
-We are in Key West until Sunday then will drive back up the coast to Ft. Lauderdale, where I pricelined an amazing hotel on the beach for $110.00/night (but this will be work paid as well).
-And Adam is there until Tuesday morning when I drop him off and stay to work until Thursday night...

We are pretty pumped about this last-minute, cheapo, luxury vaca. Not bad!!!!!!
Get me some SUN!!
Monday, May 24, 2010


Is that the way you spell it?

Anyways, we all have those times in our lives where the smallest thing can set us off. I just had one... the story goes like this:
I am on my way to Ft. Lauderdale. I had an amazing weekend and like usual am so sad to leave again because I feel like I have no life. I filed my expense report yesterday and it was approved by my manager this morning.
I check my email on my lay-over to find this:

Status last changed by: Crystal Hall
Expense Report Name: wks 5.10-5.21.10
Report Total: $1,510.06
Amount Due Employee: $1,482.16
Amount Approved: $1,482.16
Amount Paid: $0.00
Approval Status: Approved Payment Status: Authorized

See the discrepancy? So I log on to the system to see what the problem was with the 29ish dollar difference, only to find out that my Avis car rental did not get approved because GPS rental is not allowed... so they basically deducted the cost from the total.
This PISSES me off. Why? Because I expense a rental car EVERY week with a GPS. If they are not going to approve my GPS rental, then do they want to buy me one to take with me? Probably not... mapquest is not really an option because I typically can't print stuff out spur of the moment, plus my plans are always changing throughout the day and hello people... I do not live in Florida or Massachusetts... so approve the freaking GPS or else I might unleash a world of furry on you....

Happy Monday to all!
Saturday, May 22, 2010


I want a pet walrus.

I feel bad!!

I feel terrible for getting you guys all hyped up and I am kicking myself for not letting you think I might be pregnant. But trust me, the news isn't as fun as being pregnant would be, but still pretty great. So just hold on and I will send an email the the next few days. I can't handle these threatening texts!!!!
Friday, May 21, 2010

Glipse into my next week

Monday- Fly from Denver to Ft. Lauderdale
Wednesday night- Fly from Orlando to Boston
Thursday- Fly from Boston to K.C.
Saturday- Fly from K.C. to New Orleans
Choice A: Fly from New Orleans to Denver and from Denver back to FL on Tuesday morning
ChoiceB: Fly from New Orleans straight to FL with a return date back to Denver of approx: 6/10 (I don't know if I can pack for that long.... almost 3 weeks)
Choice C: Fly from New Orleans to KC and just pack everything I need in the car that will be in KC???!!!

On a side note: Adam and I have some very exciting, scary, crazy news that involves 3 huge, semi life changing wammies.... don't ask because I won't tell.... yet. Give us another week before we spill some or all of the beans. Hint: I am not preggo.
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One with nature

This is a really random post, but it is only because one of my cousins posted pictures from my wedding this week on her Facebook and I had not really seen this yet.

We had a beautiful, outdoor ceremony, as most of you know. With an outside ceremony, you risk bad weather, temperature and also nature. As I hear the story goes (I didn't hear until after the fact) but basically there was a snake that came up on the side of the gazebo, close to the B Maids and front row of guests towards the beginning of the ceremony. Luckily, it was just a black snake and pretty harmless, but, I have to admit I am really glad I did not see- I may have freaked out. Here is the picture of the serpent.
The best part of this- is our pastor was telling the story about Adam and Eve and being tempted by a snake... we had two of the three characters present (Adam + Snake). Too bad my name is not Eve. Pretty awesome.
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome!!! (long overdue)

Larry and Becky moved here a few months back and I just realized, I have NEVER posted pics of them and needless to say, they have been a huge part of Adam and I's life (and Tyson's) recently. On a Monday afternoon a few weeks ago, we decided to take a quick hike up in Evergreen. Here are a few pictures from this day. PS- if you come to visit, this is one of our fav hikes and probably one you would be taken on :) Aren't they cute?!

So happy to have you both here and although this is long overdue, welcome to Denver Larry and Becky!!!!!!!!!

A picnic in the park..... literally

It was BEAUTIFUL today! 65 and sunny- which with the elevation feels more like 70-75 degrees. Adam and I decided to take Ty on a walk, which lead to taking wine to the park, which lead to us remembering one of our wedding gifts. The Mann Family got us this picnic/backpack/hiking kit and we were so excited to put it to use. So, we packed up the wine and were off. Here is what Washington Park is all about on a nice day and why we love this area so much. We are literally 2 blocks walk from this amazing-ness.

On the way up to the park. JMR is embroidered on the back (Jordan Robert Mann).

I am ghostly-pale.
This is the view from our picnic spot. The park was busy today
The inside of the picnic/backpack. comes with everything, including a cheese board and wine glasses.
The men.

And then we decided to put Adam's shirt on Tyson. We had the convo while we were doing this, if we would be doing the same without the bottle of wine we downed. who knows! But he got some compliments on his fashion.

Great Day with the Fam.
Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was inspired by Brittany Carter's cute post dedicated for Jimmy's Bday. Adam's Birthday was just a few weeks ago (April 30th) so I decided to do a post especially for him because he has been a trooper these past two months. There are many, many reasons why I love Adam, but I will highlight some items that stick out in my mind.
Did you guys know every week when I am out of town, he spends Friday afternoon cleaning the house, so when he picks me up and brings me home, the house is clean and I don't have to worry about for the weekend? This is such a huge help and it is one less thing I need to think about over the weekend. Coming home from a long week out of town would be even more miserable, if I walked into a messy house.

There have been several 6am flights I have taken recently, which means, he drives me there at about 4:15am. Not to mention, he already opens the gym at 4:30am 2 days a week and I add to this early morningness. I feel like he is always waking up early to get to work or take me to the airport

Since I am gone, Adam not only works 40+ hours a week, but he is also taking care of the grocery shopping, Tyson, house, etc. all alone with no complaining.

Let's face it, I am a weekend wife and Adam did not sign up for that. But he has been my rock. When I have my freak-outs about life, traveling, etc. He is always there to encourage me and never complains about me being gone. It is what it is and this is not a permanent thing.

Lastly, Adam thinks differently than most about work and such. He is a serial entrepreneur and constantly creating new business ideas. Though this can be challenging to deal with at times, he has really shown me a different way of thinking and I think he will always keep me on my toes and not let me settle. I love, love, LOVE this about Adam. He is so passionate about things and it makes me look at life differently.

As our 1 year is only a few weeks away (Crazy!!!) i can honestly say, I love being married. It is so much fun being married to Adam. We genuinelly love spending every waking second together and never get bored of each other. We are closer than we were a year ago and I only hope we can continue to grow together as a couple!!!!

Best Day Ever 6.6.09

Getting ready for the Moore's wedding

Adam with the Girls
My BDay 2008

Insert Foot into Mouth

This past weekend, Adam and I were in KC for a wedding. It was a quick trip (like usual) but was so much fun. The wedding was really great and we got to see our fams and I finally got to see the Carter's house!
I can't add a lot of details to this story because you will see why. Lets just say- I made a boo boo at the wedding on Saturday. It all started with a group of us (mostly sig-eps) sitting at a table, drinking and eating dinner. I casually ask "where are Walter and Shannon going on their honeymoon?" Someone replies with an I'm not sure, but Barbie and Ken are going to destination X. (fake names for security purposes and destination X is a beach somewhere I can't tell you right now.)

Later in the evening, I see Barbie. Barbie and I know each other and so we start talking about her upcoming nuptials. I ask if she has everything ready, yada, yada... then comment- I heard you are going to Destination X for your honeymoon! She has about 5 expressions that cross her face after this comment and then tells me, well, Ken was surprising me with our honeymoon destination...........

thinking (oh crap, oh crap)

Back peddle "oh, well maybe I was thinking of someone else", etc- word vomit- trying to fix the situation.........
We awkwardly part ways after trying to finish up the convo as quickly as possible and I couldn't even be in the same room as Barbie and Ken the rest of the night because I felt so awkward........ AHHHH. I think I ruined the surprise, pretty sure I did, but no one told me it was a secret!!!!!!!!
Friday, May 7, 2010

I know, I know

I know, I suck at blogging right now. It is literally impossible to fit everything I need to into the day + blog. I am currently taking over part of the Florida territory. So now, I am traveling to Mass and Florida every week. I got to spend Thursday and Friday in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami with Greg, so lets just say... i ate like a KING (or Queen, I should say). McCormick and Schmidts, Smith & Wollensky, etc. every meal. I feel fat, but it was worth it. So good.
Next week, I will be in Boston at the Mon- Wed and Florida Wed night- Friday. poor Adam.

Anyways, I have NOTHING to say. But I will leave you with this... have you seen the cell phones popping the popcorn videos on youtube? Well, we were out to lunch with a lobbyist this week and I was tell him about this. He then forwarded me this video today.
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Day

Woke up at 4am for 6am flight
Somehow between putting my suitcase in one end of the security screener and getting it out of the other side, my handle broke (which means I had to carry it, not roll it the rest of the day)
Land in Tampa, drive 1hr 40 mins to find out the person I was meeting with could not meet with me
Drive 1 hr in the WRONG direction, realize I was driving in the wrong direction, drive back that hour and then the other 2 hours I needed to drive to reach my hotel.
It is upper 80's and really hot here too. I forgot what it was like to be in humidity. And it will probably make my face break out. Florida and I are in a fight right now.