Friday, October 29, 2010

New Month, New System

On our constant conquest to become financially healthy, smart, etc. we have decided to try a new system this month. I am sure most of you have heard it.... it is the cash envelope system.

So basically, we have it calculated out what we should be spending per month on 6 different categories including groceries, going out, etc. Each category is going to have its own designated envelope to keep that specific amount of cash in. Since today was payday, Adam went to the bank to withdraw the cash to keep in the envelopes. The cash should last us for two weeks (until next pay day). Other things like electricity, rent, cable are all still paid via online banking.

I am really excited to try something new. This will make us really watch what we spend and if the money runs out... then its out. I think it will be a challenge, but hopefully a good experience. The toughest thing is going to be to remember to grab the cash out of the designated envelope and then put the extra cash back in the envelope.

We have talked about what to do with the extra cash (if there is any) and I think we are going to create a jar to stuff it in... so when we go on vacation we can use it as spending money or something. Or maybe for shopping trips, this is still TBD. I will keep you posted on how this system works out for us. If anyone has done this before, I would love to hear your experience with it!
Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tyson's healthy snack...

I am about to make cookies, but had to run to the store to grab a few things first. I left 2 eggs and 2 sticks of butter on the counter so they could warm up while I was gone.
I just walked back in the house and the sticks of butter have vanished. Paper and everything. Tyson looks guilty. I am not excited for the aftermath of his decisions.
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Me

Remember when I mentioned that Adam and I were doing a photo shoot for a new gym here in Denver? The gym is a Cross Fit gym and the shoot was actually really fun, not intimidating and relaxed.

Not sure which of you know what cross fit is- probably some yes and some no- it is pretty much a new almost "movement". You don't use a machine like you would at a regular gym, but everything is using your own body weight (sit ups, squats, medicine balls, free weights, rings, etc). It kinda reminds me of Yoga in the aspect that people get obsessed and it can be almost cult-like. The two trainers at this gym have the best bodies I have ever seen in real life. Not kidding.

Well, I think I am obsessed. I have done two workouts so far with Cross Fit and they have both been some of the hardest workouts of my life. I am pushed more than I have been pushed in a LONG time. And to top it all off... it is REALLY fun. It reminds me of my gymnastics days.

Anyways, if anyone wants to see some of the pictures from the other week.... here is their site:

Our payment for the pictures was 1 month free... so Adam and I are taking full advantage of this because the memberships are crazy expensive. Maybe next time you see me, I will be ripped out of my mind... haha.
Monday, October 25, 2010

Model of a husband

Landies and Gents, as of yesterday, this Ad is gracing the FULL page- inside COVER of the Denver Magazine! This was a photoshoot he did for Pura Vida, which is a gym here in Denver. I mean, this is just pure awesomeness and his friends are having a hay-day with this. Personally, I think he looks rather handsome. I can't wait to get my hands on 10+ copies of this! I will be super jealous if he starts getting more modeling gigs. I mean, I am still waiting to get a call from Victoria's Secret for an audition. ha. He looks great- though. I just love him to pieces.

Oh! And if you saw THIS POST, this photoshoot is how Adam scored a free massage, which kindly, he let me use.
Thursday, October 21, 2010

no plans for me

Its been a whole week since I have posted and I am a-ok with that. Our lives have been soooo fun but busy this summer/fall that this weekend is the first weekend since June that we don't have anything planned! Can you believe that?! We have been gone or had people in town every single weekend and I literally cannot wait to do absolutely nothing this weekend. I need to relax and get some good time in with Adam and Tyson..... After this weekend, we are non-stop again through the Holidays. Can you believe 2010 is winding down? Where did the year go?

I am in Boston until tomorrow and I think everyone should put on their bucket list a trip up here in the fall. I always heard their fall foliage was amazing and the rumors have proved to be true. I have a few free hours tomorrow and I might do my own personal fall foliage tour around the area...we will see. Perfect romantic weekend would be B&B's + Fall + New England. Just throwin it out there for someone looking for vacation ideas (I am full of them).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Its a great day in the neighborhood!

This is a fabulous day for several reasons... pitty that I woke up pretty grumpy. I have officially pushed my bad-mood aside and am taking a moment to be thankful and share with you all why this is a great day for the Griffins

1) KSU Football. Do I need to explain further?? I was so happy last night and the joy has carried into my morning.

2) It's Friday!

3) My sweet husband surprised me with a "just because" massage. It is at noon today and I really actually need it. My back has been so tight recently (more to come on how he scored this massage at a later date... you guys with LOVE this story)

4) Nick and Maddie get here at 3 today and we are heading up to the mountains for the weekend!

5) Today, the Griffins are officially out of DEBT!!!!!!!! I know that this is really personal and probably something I shouldn't spread to the world, but we have $0.00 on ALL of our credit cards. I pretty much want to shout it at the top of my lungs right now. And I am buying champagne on the way home from my massage to share with the hubs sometime today! Lets just say, we didn't have a ton, but enough that it was a burden on our finances. And now we can seriously, seriously save up some money for a HOUSE. I can't even describe to you all in words my feelings.

6) We are about to have a new neighbor! Phil Mann is moving into our complex. Just pure awesomeness (minus the fact that his is a WHOLE lot nicer for the same price.... hmmm...)

I think this pretty much sums things up. Now, the only downer?! It is not really a downer, per say.... but one of the girls we knew in Dallas has moved to Denver to open up her own CrossFit gym. She needed models for her advertisements and the photo shoot is this afternoon. She asked Adam and I to be a part of this and of course Adam said yes.... I am just REALLY not excited for this. The last time she saw me, I was in GREAT shape (it was pre-wedding workout mode). She is probably assuming I still look like that and I am just a little embarrassed to show up with my current softness. I hope she is nice and puts me in the back.... or just accidentally crops me out of the photos. I have been trying to think of ways to get out of these all day.

Happy Friday everyone!
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Calling all advice givers...

Adam and I have been on a money saving spree and are doing a great job at it, as far as I can tell!! But the ONE thing we absolutely cannot get under control, is our grocery store visits.... I mean, like if we spend under $100 dollars on a trip to the store, we do a little happy dance on the way out. I was looking at past trips to the store and was appalled at the amounts we are spending there... (like bad..... $160, $130, last nights was $140). I mean, holy cow.

What do you all do to keep yourselves organized and under control at the stores? I admit, we do mainly shop at Whole Foods, but usually only sales items (and we hardly ever buy meat). We have tried Safeway and are still at about the same amount per trip.

Any advice as to what works with you and your family, please share! I am open to all and every tid bit you can give me! Please and thank you....

PS- no, we do not have an Aldi here.
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drip Dry

Yesterday, I had scheduled our car to go into the shop..... just a pre-winter check up and tune up... which meant our car was going to be there all day.

I get home from dropping the car off, go to the restroom and realize we are completely out of toilet paper!! This would typically not be a big deal, except my car is in the shop and I can't go to buy new. To add another twist, Tyson ran out of food as well. This equalled one unhappy human (me) and one very happy dog (Tyson).

Why? You may ask.... Well, I had to drip dry all day in my own house and Tyson got cooked grilled chicken and veggies for his meal. Lucky dog.
Monday, October 4, 2010

Woo Hoo!

In a land far, far away called BumblePost.... three busy bees have been working around the clock to create something magical... here is an update!


I feel like I am having a very difficult time with wanting things I can't have right now... like, I day-dream about our first house and how I will decorate it. I seriously cannot wait, but I have to!! The even worse thing is, Adam is right there with me. In fact, I have been the voice of reason recently. It is a such a curse right now that Adam has his real-estate license because we are continually looking up houses online!! I won't hardly look at them, because the last thing I want to do is fall in love with a house right now.

I keep telling myself that patience is key and good things come to those that wait. Besides, Adam and I have financial goals to achieve before we take the leap into home ownership... but still, there are days when I literally can't wait to be a homeowner!

In addition, our whole saving-money, creating a business mode is overflowing into my life in other areas such as shopping (haven't done that in forever), eating out (we fail miserably at this most times, but now I feel guilty when we do go out), etc.

Speaking of our business, that is another thing that is making me extremely inpatient!! I just want to get BumblePost up and running ASAP! Working with a developer is so frustrating, because we have to wait for them to develop it- duh. We are still shooting for end of November 2010 and have a conference call tonight, so should get some more details. Such a scary, fun thing.

I also want another dog, I want new furniture, I want to be able to decorate for the Holidays, I want to plan parties and vacations for a living and I want to possibly go back to school (thinking about this...)

I want, I want, I want!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr.
Sunday, October 3, 2010

Best. Idea. Ever.

This weekend was Ben Nash and Allison Beardmore's wedding here in Denver. It was an absolute blast and Allison looked so beautiful! I didn't take pictures until late in the reception... but lets just say that they brought a bowl full of sunglasses out on the dance floor and I think I said (or yelled) this is the best idea ever! It was.... not going to lie. Allison is so creative.

Oh! And Alli is obsessed with Lady Gaga and definitely came out sporting her Gaga wig during "Bad Romance". Didn't get a picture of that... but it was priceless. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Nash!
PS- I emptied out my purse this morning and had10 pairs of these sunglasses in my purse. I might be married to a clepto.
Friday, October 1, 2010


I have been a slacker in the blogging world, but that is purely because was out of town for about a week, then came back to people in town and a wedding. I am FINALLY able to catch up!.

Last weekend, Adam, Tyson and I drove back to Manhattan for the KSU game. I am sure you all saw the crazy weather pictures, but here are a few I took on my camera. It was literally the craziest sky I have ever seen! It was so fun to be back in Manhattan. I. love. KSU.

After the game, I drove to KC with my family because I had to be in KC for work Sunday- Tuesday. I loved seeing some people and getting to spend some QT time with my fam. On Wednesday morning, I had a 6am flight with Greg to head to Cali for some meetings. I am obsessed with San Fransisco. I could live there and am so excited to go there for vacation in a few weeks. I literally left my heart in San Fransisco...
If you look closely, the Golden Gate bridge is in this picture... the fog is crazy in SF