Monday, March 28, 2011

Excellent News

We were asked not to publicize this, so I am going to be vague and if you are like "what the heck?" shoot me an email or text and I will fill you in on the deets. We are a finalist. Awesome news. But really doesn't mean anything yet. We should find out in the next few weeks if we are "in" or "out". Good stuff and LOTS to do!
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Apt. Saga Continues...

Last Monday night was the "High Dog" night and trip to the emergency vet. Last night (Monday night) I woke up to the sound of water. At first, I thought it was our toilet running... but quickly realized that the sound was coming from downstairs.

A pipe broke under our sink, water was running everywhere. Gallons and gallons of it. The plumber has been here as well as the water crew to clean up. They just left and our house is in shambles!!

Why Monday nights, why?!! I know everyone feels like this at some point, but we literally have the most bizarre things happen to us. I think its karma or something. The last 3 places I have lived have had some sort of flood! This is why we have renters insurance. I am exhausted.

What's ironic about this situation is that we did a total spring cleaning on Sunday. Like all out. Rented a steam cleaner from Home Depot to clean the carpets and everything. Less than 2 days later, we have a flood- our hard work pointless!
Monday, March 14, 2011

One of those days

This past weekend, it was beautiful in Denver (just like most of the Midwest!) which left us with an amazing dilemma- To go skiing/boarding or to go hiking. Adam and I debated most of Friday night on what to do the next day and ultimately, it was decided once he asked me if I remembered to pick up my snowboard. Duh! I was supposed to grab it on Friday afternoon from getting tuned, so looks like hiking it was....

Everything was still brown from winter, but it was a great temperature and still beautiful. I am anxious for everything to bloom!

Can you see the city in this picture?

We had a freaking blast. It was just Adam, Tyson and I and we did a hike that we attempted last year, but didn't finish due to the intensity of it. We finished it this time no problem. I guess it pays to work out.

After the hike, Adam said he had a surprise. He drives us to a little town about 15 minutes outside of Denver called Morrison and pulls up to the cutest little wine tasting bar. We had a great time trying out new wines, sharing a hummus plate and just enjoying our Saturday, post hike.

We capped off Saturday with dinner at the Smiths. We truly love Colorado.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

This was taken after our Crossfit workout today called "Angie"
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Here's what it did to Adam....

And in case you were wondering, I completed this all, with no help (not using my knees for pushups or anything) in about 25mins. Not a great time, but pretty proud of myself. Getting stronger!

Doin Work!

Happy Friday! Adam and I's life has been a straight up whirlwind these past few weeks. Between juggling our actual jobs, BumblePost and keeping our instanity- we have literally been nonstop. I woke up at 4am this week to Adam awake checking his email just to give you a glimpse!

We applied to a tech-start up incubator called TechStars. Their summer program is held in Boulder and starts on May 9, 2010- lasting 3 months. They are expected to get over 1000 applicants for their summer session this year, because honestly, its that awesome of a program. Its a mentorship program that allows a company to basically get in touch and very involved with successful business people. They say, you get more done at TechStars in a summer, than you would in a year. That's how non-stop, amazing it. And at the end, you get to present to 200+ venture capitalists from across the US. They only accept 10 companies into the program and the top 25 finalists are announced on March 27th and the final 10 announced sometime in April. I would cry if we got in.

Anyways, read back a few posts, but we got invited to TechStars for a day. We were in the 5% of applicants that got accepted to their day event. My genius of a husband decided we needed to make Tees for the event to stand out (there were 40 teams there). Man, am I glad we did. Our shirts looked great, and we were only 1 of 2 other companies that sported their brand. So we stood out just because of that. I was one of 2 (maybe 3) other girls there and overall, it was a fantastic, exhausting day. We talked to soooo many people, got a chance to work on our pitch and got lots and lots and lots of feedback. It was just Adam and I at the event, and driving home that night- I was on information overload.

The past few days have been spent filtering the feedback we got and deciding what we are going to do with it. Basically, we need to launch this B, but we are transitioning developers and things just aren't moving quite as quickly as I would like them to. But soon, so soon!

Wednesday, we went to another TechStars event, got some even better conversations going and it was amazing. Everywhere you turn at these things- its like, oh there's the CEO of xyz company and there's the CEO of ABC company and not only that, we had several long conversations with these people about BumblePost and got great feedback. Its has been an experience I can't quite explain. We will talk to one mentor and they will be like "That's not an interesting idea to me...." then we will turn around and talk to another and they are like "I love it, can't wait to see what you guys do with it. Call me if you need anything, etc. " I mean, feedback is ALLLL over the place and it has been a learning/growing experience for sure.

There are a million uncertainties right now. If we were blessed enough to make it into the program, we would be living in Boulder for the summer- but this is literally the least of the uncertainties right now! Just being patient and trying to get as much stuff done each day as we can :)

Have a great weekend!
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a night

Details of TechStars for a Day are coming soon- I know you are all anxiously awaiting (haha).

Last night, we had a lazy night that consisted of sitting on the couch and watching TV. We made dinner and Adam gave Tyson the entire sweet potato skin off his plate, which I didn't agree with. Eventually, around 9:30- we head up to bed.

At about 10:30-11ish, we here Tyson start to gag and puke. Annoying to have to clean up puke in the middle of the night (and I totally try to blame this on Adam because of the sweet potato skin), so we turn on the light and slowly start to get up. At this point, Adam goes downstairs to get the supplies and I try to console our puppy dog. Tyson is acting super strange 1) He is acting like he doesn't want me to touch him, he is really jumpy, 2) he is just standing there, not moving and almost twitching 3) I look in his eyes, his pupils are dilated, he can't focus on me and is like a bobble-head dog. His head is moving all around. It freaked me out. I call for Adam and tell him something is wrong with Tyson, Tyson jumps in our bed and is laying there. But Adam can see what I am talking about. He starts googling if something can happen if a dog pukes too hard, or just anything with his symptoms. We pull him off the bed to see what he does when he walks and he starts walking all goofy (like he doesn't want to put weight on his back paws).

We call the emergency vet, talk to them and decide to take him in. We get there, Tyson goes back to see the Vet. With in 5 minutes, they come out asking if there is any way Tyson could have gotten into some pot. Adam and I both look at each other, of course there is. Our trashy neighbors keep their ash tray outside. Which means if they smoke pot out there, that's where the bud goes. I am the worst dog mother ever. My precious doggy is freaking stoned out of his mind right now because I didn't stay out with him when I let him out before bed. It was cold! This situation had never in a million years crossed my mind before.

2 hours later, $300 later, we come home with our high as a kite pup to try and go to bed. They told us to try and stay awake all night (didn't happen, but we tried...). This morning, Tyson seems to be acting about 90% normal and we are all confident he will make a full recovery today.

Get me the HECK out of this trashy apartment and into a house. Please.
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quite possibly the best day of my life

If you haven't checked my blog read THIS POST first. So after finding out about TechStars for a Day... approximately 2 hours later, we get the alert from our amazing PR girl (Erica Wassinger) that we made SocialTechPop's list of 40 top Startups for 2011!
Check out the article here! We are #8!

Best. Day.Ever.


I am writing this as I am sooooo excited. With this being said, I am warning you this post my not make complete sense- but WE GOT INTO TECHSTARS FOR A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BumblePost applied to TechStars. Its a tech start up-incubator in Boulder. Basically, they accept 10 companies every summer (out of 500+ applicants), give you mentors from the summer from companies like Google, Facebook, AOL, etc. that help you day in and day out all summer to get your business off the ground, with the ultimate goal of getting you Venture Capital funding, acquired or sold off. 70% of the companies accepted to TechStars "make it" if you will. Is pretty much like getting into Harvard of the tech world.

Anyways, we applied early enough to get a chance to attend "TechStars for a Day". We thought that ALL the companies that made the early application date, got to attend. This means- we made special postgreets for TechStars to take and had made plans to attend. This Monday roles around- still no invite (TS4AD is this weekend). We start to do research and realize that only 40 companies get accepted to TechStars for a Day (TS4AD). Bummed... like, we were so bummed. Invites were supposed to go out last weekend, we didn't get one= not invited.

Monday night- the Managing Director of TechStars Boulder Tweets that they have had more applicants this year than ever so not all the invites had gone out because they were still looking at applications. Surge of hope goes through the BumblePost team. There is still a chance. Last night, I decided we were FOR SURE not invited because the event is this Saturday and most teams have to book flights- so they try to notify you as quick as possible if you are invited.

This morning, mentally, we had all moved on. I have been super productive all morning and didn't even think about it. Until we checked our email. Yep! WE FREAKING GOT INVITED!

I am literally on cloud nine, Adam may or may not have cried (I wasn't with him). And we are just pumped up like none other.

I am praising the Lord, even if we don't ultimately get accepted, this weekend will be a great learning experience and I can't wait to see who is there that we will get to meet and pick the brains of.

I will fill you in this weekend after the event. Say a prayer for us. They have to LOVE your idea and LOVE your team... even if both of these happen, the chances of getting in are LITERALLY 2%. We found out today, they had over 600 early applicants and only 40 are invited this weekend. Basically, we need to blow their minds with our amazingness... haha... but really.

Seriously, all prayers are needed. This could be HUGE.