Friday, February 14, 2014

A real babymoon!

If you read our getting pregnant story, I mentioned how our St. John trip was supposed to be our babymoon.  Once I got pregnant for real I was excited to book a "real" babymoon.  We decided on Hawaii for a few reasons.  1) It was the US.  If something were to happen, our health insurance would be accepted.  2) Adam had never been to Hawaii 3) I wanted an active trip.  I knew I wouldn't be laying by the pool sipping pina coladas on this trip so having other stuff to do was a must!

We traveled to Kauai for 8 magnificent days and stayed at the Koa Kea Resort and Spa (which we LOVED!).  We have decided we are definitely the boutique hotel type of people as all of our favorite hotels have been boutique style.


- First and foremost, getting 8 uninterrupted days with each other.   Adam and I really love traveling together and getting a break from the real world was needed.

- The food. I mean, I am pregnant so this was obvs a high.  We had a lot of good meals & ice cream daily.
- Our hotel.  The service was the best I have experienced maybe ever.
- Sporting my bump.  People are just really nice to you when you are pregnant.

- The Na Pali Coast.  Unbelievable. We must go back and hike much further.

- Getting warm sun when it was snowy and freezing back in Denver
- Our original rental car was a Town & Country minivan (apparently we are already getting profiled) that was light blue. We named it Sparkles. And it wasn't near as nice as this picture below.  Ours was leaking fluid and the check engine light was on.


- Adam got a stomach bug the 2nd day we were there and spent the majority of the day in the room, while I had an epic pool day and got fried:)
- Rain.  The weather wasn't perfect and complaining about the rain in Hawaii isn't really something to complain about, but we could have done with slightly less rain.
- Honestly, I am starting to get comments about how big I am.   Not to be a loser, but when you are asked if you are 8 months pregnant or if you are having twins it kinda makes you feel like a COW.

And some faves...

We literally were hiking to a random beach and stumbled across this sign.  Of course, I was actually freaked out. 

The fruit in Hawaii is delicious.  Tangelos are my new favorite fruit. 

Saw lots of these beauties! 

Surfers everywhere.

I still think my most favorite place so far is St. John, but Kauai is a very very very close 2nd!

(Brag time: Adam was published in Men's Fitness today! Very exciting! One hour per week that can change everything)
Tuesday, February 4, 2014

6 months pregnant!

I am 26 weeks pregnant, which is 6 1/2 months pregnant if there are 4 weeks per month.... but only just about 6 months if I am actually counting the months.  Which is it?  Lets just say I am ready to meet this baby!!   

Overall, my pregnancy has been pretty good.  I was never that sick, things seems to be on track but I am definitely not that girl that LOVES to be pregnant.  I think all the waiting I had to do to actually get pregnant really made me anxious for the actual baby.... so I could skip pregnancy and be completely OK with that!  I hate to say I have complaints because I am not complaining but if I had to narrow it down to the 2 most unenjoyable parts of my pregnancy here  they are: 

* Braxton Hicks.  Holy moly.... all the time, non stop recently. 

* Early in pregnancy (maybe around 16 weeks) I was working out and felt a small pop in my abdomen muscles.  My very top right one.  I know I either pulled it or potentially tore it.  Not a big issue but since I am growing like crazy it won't heal and just keeps getting worse and worse.  To the point where I am super nervous to see how my last 14 weeks go with it.  I have nightmares that my muscles are tearing apart inside of me and I can't even touch the area because it feels so bruised.  There is really nothing I can do about it either.  

On a happier note: this baby moves ALL of the time. Enough to where it will wake me up in the middle of the night which I kind of love.  I felt him at exactly 19 weeks, 3 days at about 10 in the morning and I will never forget the moment.   And thank you thank you thank you Amy Landers for the doppler.  I love listening to his little heart beat!  

I went back through my early pregnancy pictures and thought I would share some good ones!  

Transfer Day!!! Do I look pregnant yet? 

                Our Embryos. One took- one didn't make it                              Ready to be knocked up! 


Right around 12 weeks

17 weeks
18 weeks

20 weeks.  When I went from no bump to a definite bump! 

22 1/2 weeks

25 weeks!

And the baby!!!!! (had to post this... practicing on my new OBaby app)

I kind of went from 0 to 60 on the bump meter.  Enough to be asked by a Doctor in the grocery store if I was 8 months pregnant.  And someone else to ask if it was twins!! Always makes a girl feel awesome... :) 

Babymoon update is coming next!  Fourteen weeks left... I can do it, I can do it.