Tuesday, September 13, 2011

House Project Central

Adam and I have been non-stop house-obsessed. It has been fun and challenging, but overall, we are just really ready to get our house put together and so we can relax. The past two full weekends, we have worked morning-night on our kitchen.

Here are a few before shots.

Before we moved in........ The wall color here is actually called "Peanut Butter"
JUST moved in.... dark, dark, dark. Brown, brown, brown.

Just moved in... looking from the living room into the kitchen.

First we painted the wall a celery green. In pictures the color looks a little more lime than it actually is in person. Sorry for the mess!
Then we took off the top cabinets:

And repaired/painted the patches
And painted our cabinets an Antique White

Oh hey Adam.
Then we decided to tile a backsplash. Don't let this pic fool you- I did A LOT of the work. Actually most of it.

We decided that open shelving was what we wanted for above the stove. So we just went to Home Depot and had them cut the wood to size. We had left over paint from our cabinets to paint them with. And we bought some brackets we both agreed on. Once we upgrade our appliances to stainless steal (eventually) I think the brushed nickel brackets will tie in well. I am going for the "cottage feel" with a modern twist. I believe I have heard vintage is the new modern?! I may have just made that up.

Tyson checking out the shelving situation.

And here is the final product (and by final.... I mean about 65% finished)

BETTER?! (note: no idea why it looks like it is dirty above the tile... shadows maybe?! It doesn't look like that in person I promise). Actually it's probably some left over grout I need to clean up.

And lets not forget our "coffee nook"

We still are not finished. Do you see the short wall with the wine and corks (below)? We are creating a little wine storage/accessory area. We are adding a few more shelves specifically for wine glasses and building a wine rack in the odd space under the counter for a "built in" look. This little space is so awkward.
Then we need to accessorize this place. And buy a buffet or hutch for the space across from our coffee nook. Progress people!!

And in other news. Meet my new obsession:
I think I will call her Layla. She is going to live in our living room and I am going to design around her. As you can see, we have yet to fix the trim on the wall behind Layla. But that is where the door used to be- that we filled in.

If you need a contractor, we are open for business. Griffindoor Construction. Our slogan is "It might not be perfect, but it looks good enough to us." Or Adam's suggestion: "HGTV" Homes by the Griffins, Tyson and Vino.
Friday, September 9, 2011

Weird Day

I had a weird day today. In a nutshell, I had someone call into my office today- when I answered, he proceeded to ask if he could speak to a man instead- when I put him on hold to find someone to handle him, he hung up.
Immediately, he sent two emails. One to our support team saying "Emily in sales seems to be ditzy, can someone else call me" and one to sales saying "I am having trouble getting someone competent on the phone"


So I decided to call him back (there is only me and one other rep in sales). Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. Called him back, every time he would ask a question and I would try to answer him he would say things like "you have really poor English" or "you are really confusing-you must not be very smart at this" Like REALLY, REALLY rude things. Finally, I told him that we were not a good fit for him anyways and that I couldn't help him since he was being rude. He then blew up saying even worse things such as "you are a terrible employee, you are not competent, etc...." at this point a tuned him out.... and he then hung up when I wouldn't talk to him anymore and I wouldn't transfer him to anyone else.

Fun stuff! Happy Friday everyone!
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

White or Gray?

I am going to try and tackle a mondo project this weekend. I am going to put white subway tile in our kitchen, as the backsplash of course.... all. by. myself. Why?! Because I have read tutorials and it just doesn't look that hard! But I can't decide. White grout or gray grout?



Is this dumb to do by myself? In other news.... last weekend we painted our kitchen cabinets white, we took off the top cabinets and while I am subway tiling the crap out of the kitchen.... Adam is building the open shelves for the kitchen this weekend. Exciting stuff! Here's to hoping we don't screw our kitchen up and have to pay to remodel and redo it.....