Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 years

Five years ago from this past Saturday (May 26th), Adam's best friend Jordan Mann passed away in his sleep.  

Adam has been wanting another tattoo for a long time. Something in remembrance of Jordan.  We actually went to a tattoo parlor in Costa Rica, but LUCKILY it was too sketch.  I had been trying to talk him out of it all day.    Adam had some friends in town this weekend, so on Saturday they took the plunge- 2 out of 4 got a Jordan tattoo of some sort.   Although I am not a huge fan of tattoos (especially those on my husband) I do have to admit that this one is kinda cool.

This was taken right after it got finished and, yes, this is Jordan's actual signature which is pretty neat.

I am still getting used to it  but I guess I have a tatted up husband now....

Nikki and Phillip get hitched

Following the crazy bachelorette parties, Nikki and Phil's wedding came next!  I have ever said out loud how much I love short engagements?! Nikki and Phil got engaged last November and after 6 very short months, they tied the knot.   Which is good for me. Because I LOVE weddings and sometimes waiting for them is hard. :)

Adam and I were blessed to both be a part of their big day.  And guess what? They had us walk together down the aisle, which made things kinda extra fun.

Their event took place at Milldale Farms.  They ended up renting out the entire space which means the entire weekend happened there.  The rehearsal dinner was followed by a slumber party in the main house and then the wedding and reception the next day.  It was awesome and super relaxed!

Nikki looked absolutely amazing.  She wore a blusher while walking down the aisle (which is the first wedding I have been to where that happened) and it definitely added to the drama.  Here are a very few pics!  

It was an amazing wedding.  The details were to die for. Mason Jars, summer brew, wooden signs, etc. etc. etc.  You should stalk her facebook profile since I obviously didn't take pictures :)

Rehearsal Dinner

Getting Ready :) Oh yea... 

She's ugly

Pre- Wedding fun

You are married!!! Mr. and Mrs. Mann


Sunday, May 6, 2012

27 going on 21

While a lot of my friends are pregnant and having babies, I have recently taken the opposite approach....

I am in a few different weddings this year and this month has ended up being packed full of bachelorette parties showers and weddings (we have THREE weddings next weekend!!). And as old and un-fun as I can feel sometime, the bachelorette parties have been a good way to realize that I haven't lost "it".   I can still drink, do shots, dance and stay up to the wee hours of the mornings.  Oh ya..... :)

First up this month was Nikki's bachelorette party. Let me tell you, it was SO FUN.  It was out here in CO and started with night #1 at their family cabin in Evergreen. We were in our PJ's by 9pm drank lots of wine, had an amazing meal cooked by her sister, played games and had lots of great/hilarious conversations with her college friends (which are the sweetest and funniest group of girls).  The day time consisted of wine tasting alll day long and night #2 was in downtown Denver. Margs, Cowboy Lounge, 70's- it was a blast!! I can't wait for the wedding this weekend.  Love this couple so so much.

Then this past weekend was one of my oldest best friend's showers and bachelorette party.  Allison Day and I been best friends since high school.  It was so fun to spend quality time with my favorite friends from Olathe East. Sam and Emily both came in from San Fransico and New York (me from Denver) and it was just like old times.  I have to say Allison's lingerie party was one of my favorites.... P&L didn't disappoint either.   I am pretty sure I thought I was a really good dancer this night... haha.

LOVE THESE GIRLS! Sam kept saying "I am so happy" that night.  We all were- good to be back together.

I am so blessed to have such great friends from my different phases in life.   I am home for three days and then back in KC on Thursday!  My body hates me...