Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello out there. I hope you all had a fab weekend.

There have been several requests for me to post our house pics, and trust me, I wish I was more put together to have already done so... but between moving, work, me coaching + working out myself + Kayley's last minute trip to Denver + getting crossfit certified all weekend. I have fallen extremely behind. Let me put this into perspective....

We STILL have not unpacked. I have no clue where half of my clothes are. The apartment we moved out of, STILL has random stuff that we haven't had time to go by and pick up. This includes our vacuum, all the dry food from our pantry, etc. Last week, we didn't get home before 9pm except for ONE night. And I had to take my crossfit certification this weekend which was Sat and Sun from 9am-6pm. I am so sore. I CAN'T MOVE. Not joking. Walking around makes me want to cry.

We HAVE, however, painted our front room (pics to come). And taken apart some of our kitchen- which means we just added an extra project to our plate. IKEA opens in Denver on Wednesday and I am so excited! I am tempted to play hookie from work....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top Reasons I am excited to own a house

1. First and foremost, I think owning a house with Adam will be a really fun adventure.
2. Having a dishwasher!!
3. Having a washer/dryer that we OWN and no one else is using! Currently we pay $1.25 for wash and $1.00 for dry and we share one of each with 7 other units....
4. Not sharing walls with anyone else. We can hear everything that goes on in our complex right now including: fighting, partying, crying, dogs whining/crying/barking, etc., etc.
5. A backyard for Tyson. He is going to be so much happier
6. Not being asked for money by my neighbors :)
7. Not having to worry about seeing our pathological lying/meth-head neighbors when we walk outside
8. Not having to worry about Tyson being attacked anymore by the crazy little shitzu that lives next door.
9. Having a normal sized refrigerator.... we have a midget fridge now
10. Decorating-duh
11. Having hardwoods and not nasty old apartment stained carpet that makes me want to barf when I look at it
12. Decorating for the holidays!
13. Watching Adam TRY his hand at being "handy"
14. BBQs in our backyard
15. Not being embarrassed when people come over because our place is so WT
16. New furniture
17. TWO guest rooms! Come visit :)
18. Shorter commute to Boulder
19. 8 mins from the gym, instead of 15-20
20. Owning something -which means we can do what ever we want with it

I could go on and on....

Can you tell I am excited?! We close tomorrow at 11am- pics to come! Adam and I are having a cleaning party at the house tomorrow night.... whoop whoop!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catching up! Camping 2011

Working + coaching at nights has left me little to no time to blog! How do you people do it? This weekend was our first camping trip of the summer. It was beautiful, but then got kinda cold and windy. Overall, Adam and I enjoy camping but there is room for improvement. Needless to say, the view was amazing.....

Which is the top and which is the bottom? Love how the sky changed throughout the evening.

Straight pimpin.

Note to self: the Griffins need legit sleeping bags. We were freezing that night!

Friday, July 8, 2011

#longpine2011 #cidday #finally

Adam, Tyson and I went up to Long Pine, NE to celebrate Independence Day. Attendees included: Andrew and Erica, Heather, me and Adam. We hung out with their friends Michael and Sierra the entire time too (which I actually went to high school with Sierra! Small world!) And it was a blast.
I didn't take the best pictures, but these will give you an idea of how the weekend went....

We sat in the crick and drank. Drank and tubed, drank and sat in the crick. End of story. Action shot.... we all look so pretty!
We sat in the crick, while Erica tortured Dieter (kidding!... kinda...)
Then Tyson decided he wanted to be human. See below:

But then he went back to doing dog things... like explore the crick with a new friend.
And take a nap with Dieter..... this is what tired doggies look like after playing in the water all day.
Oh! And then Adam got a rock thrown in his face by Andrew. A complete accident of course! Just beware when Andrew is skipping rocks.... my hubs and his fat lip.

It was honestly the best weekend, which is why I took little to no pictures. Didn't know I still had it in me!

Love, Emily