Tuesday, August 30, 2011

C to the H to the IPOTLE

Today it's official- our company gets free Chipotle forever, whenever just for saying we work at SendGrid. Chipotle is on level 1 of my building and we are on the second floor.... I have never seen the guys in my office as excited as they were this morning when we found this out.

Now you may be wondering why I am taking the time to blog about this. Basically its because I know that most everyone likes Chipotle. And now that I get it for free, I can try everything on the menu and make new concoctions almost daily. What better place to share my Chipotle adventure than on my blog?!

My new favorite Chipotle meal: Steak Salad. Lettuce, onions/peppers, steak, mild, a little cheese, guac ON THE SIDE, and their vinaigrette. If you haven't tried their salads- do it! Their dressing is so delicious.

Happy eating.
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here goes nothing

Are you ready for the longest blog post ever? Wow- we have a lot to catch up on. I mean we have moved, have had several people come visit and have been diligently trying to get our house put together. Do you ever feel like crying because of how exhausted you are? Well that is me, almost every night.... hence, having no time to blog!

We moved in on July 18th-
Here are some "just moved in" pics of the house. All of our rooms are pretty tiny, so it is hard to photograph them! I am not proud, these are messy pics, don't do our house justice.... and are in no order what so ever. Don't judge me yet.

2nd Bathroom:
Kitchen looking into living area through the doorway (which will be widened!):
Upstairs Bath- this is the bathroom with the clawfoot tub:

Upstairs guestroom::

Adam and I's bedroom. Hard to call it the "master" due to its size
Tyson being cute

Mud Room
Living room
Notice the door that leads from the living room, to the bedroom..... this is our first project. (well second). We painted the living room a soft gray color. I say gray but actually it sadly reads as a pale blue. Slightly disappointing, but I don't hate it- just getting used to it not exactly looking like I was expecting! And I am not going to change it anytime soon- why too much trim to work around a second time.

Before Color (mind you- this was JUST after we moved in....):
After Paint Color (much better!):
The door that leads from living room to our bedroom
Filling in the doorway

I just realized I haven't taken an after pic after we filled in this door. Its filled in, though. So try to picture it.
Notice the brown- overly large couches in the above pics? These are all gone. Let's recap how that happened:

So after we bought a new couch (needs to be photographed)- got rid of the brown couches- yep we were those neighbors for a few hours.... we decided we wanted to do some readjustments on our kitchen. Notice the "hood":

Believe it or not, this is a fake hood. It serves no purpose and besides that, since our galley kitchen is so narrow- it make the area feel even more narrow. So we took it down. It gets worse before it gets better- as you will see....

We are still deciding if we want to take ALL of the top cabinets off.... do YOU have an opinion from these few pics? Imagine three long floating shelves with some white subway tile- yes?! We would just take off these now two lonely cheapy cabinets and add long, white floating shelves.....

Let me think what happened next. Somewhere right around this time my sis has come and gone (she helped paint the living room) and now Mikey and Allison are in town and I chop all my hair off....

Mikey and Allison left- we went to IKEA three times (some goods to photograph and put on here soon). Then Adam's mom came into town. We had a blast! Then Erica and Andrew came into town. We painted the kitchen and our bedroom that same weekend. And Adam and I are getting more sleep deprived by the day.
New bedroom color + new bedding. Nowhere close to being finished with any room yet. But a few improvements are happening.
I LOVE our GREEN kitchen. Love love love it. Picture it with ALL white cabinets, white shelves, white subway tile etc. White, white, white. I love white. And gray. And green. And teal these days.

The following Thursday night, Ali & Andrew Moore and Lora & Casey Winchell came to stay with us! We had a freaking blast of a weekend. Camping, hiking, drinking some wine, etc. Perfect. Hopefully Ali will blog about this soon. It was FUN people.

Back to the house. There are two areas to put our dining table. The above "just move in pics" show the table in the kitchen. We have finally decided to push the table out into the living room/new dining room and instead have just a coffee/breakfast area in the kitchen. I am still deciding what dining room chairs I want, so in the meantime, I redid a few of our old chairs for our new coffee area. Here is the before and after of the chairs:

Ha! Love how this picture still has the table price tag on it.... ANYWAYS.
We are almost up to date now. Maybe I can keep this up.... lots and lots of work to do. I am in the process of picking out our window treatments right now. Will photograph our current living room once it is cleaned + the few other odds and ends that didn't make it onto the ole blog :)


PS- One quick admendment to this post. Our very first project was putting in a doggie door for Ty which has been one of the best investments of my life. He LOVES it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beefin Up

I think this is the longest period of time I have gone without blogging. With that being said, just know that I know that you want to see house pics! I will post them ASAP- but here is a short summary of our house move in process and project process:

July 16- close on the house. Go over there that night to clean/sleep on an air mattress and have some sparkling wine

July 17-19- Move into the house! Exhausting to say the least.....

(During the week prior- try to sell my brown couches... didn't get them sold, so had to move them)

July 20-24- Work, teach at the gym, etc. Try to unpack a little every night. Oh! And take apart some of the cabinets in our kitchen. (aka: putting a hole in a neighboring cabinet and adding an WHOLE nother project to the list).

July 24- Start painting the living room! Kayley decides to come in town for the weekend. This whole weekend is spent by me taking my crossfit certification, Adam and Kayley finishing up the painting and having some fun on the side.

The week following consists of Allison and Mikey coming into town, us STILL not selling the couches (I kept listing them and people would call but I was too busy to actually SHOW them- which is a crucial part of the selling process). Deciding to START another project (filling in a doorway)...... ya- we like to start projects and just not complete them.... we still have boxes laying around.... :)

July 30: First trip to the new IKEA in Denver. Opening weekend- we went twice (story in itself). Bought a new couch in the process.... this leaves us with 4 couches sitting in our living room (old brown uglies + the new pretty one).

July 31: CAN'T TAKE THE OLD UGLY COUCHES ANY LONGER. Don't have time to show them- so we put them in the front yard with a sign that said "free couches". Couches were gone within the hour (thank the Lord!). We get a lot done this day- a lot unpacked and our house semi- put together.

Aug 3: Finish the "filling in the door" project (well mostly).

Aug 4: Mama Griffin comes into town for the weekend!

And now we are up to date on the house stuff- pics to come.

Oh! And the title of this post?! Well, Adam and I have decided to train to compete in crossfit competitions. Exciting and scary and well- lets just say I have been told to eat a lot because I really need to "beef up" haha. Love it.