Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have delevoped a case of insomnia since starting this new position. For some reason, when I am away from home I just can't sleep. It is really annoying. It is 1:44am and my mind cannot stop racing, thinking about things. So frusterating.

I feel some changes happening on the horizon... more to come on that soon.

Anyways, goodnight to all and to all a goodnight!
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before I traveled....

Before I traveled 24/7, I used to:

- Eat organic, now I eat room service and Dunkin Donuts
- Work out (sometimes) and now I definitely don't work out
- Enjoy happy hours with friends, now I drink alone in my hotel room
- Hang out with Adam and Tyson, now I talk to them over the phone instead
- Never know artists and titles of songs, now I know every top 40 hit and can sing EVERY word to them and I actually know who sings them and the titles.. I am in the car all the time
- I used to work from home and never drive, now I know Massachusetts road more than Colorado's
- I used to love the weekends, now I LIVE for them
- I did not get stressed out about work, now I have constant knots in my back, heart burn, head aches, and this annoying cramp in my right shoulder, which I only get when I am extremely stressed
- Never cuss, now I am turning into a potty mouth
- Didn't want to get pregnant, now I think when I am knocked up I can stay at home.... hmmmm...

Get the point?! My life is challenging these days.. day at time....Deep breaths... hee hee hoooo..... hee hee hooo.....

A Historical Day

Sorry all my bloggies... I have not updated in ALMOST a week (which is better than some of you are doing right now-cough, cough).

As usual, I am in Massachusetts right now and yesterday I arrived waaayyy ahead of schedule to an appointment of mine. I was considering what to do to burn time when I remembered that was close to the ocean... so, I quickly looked up 'attractions' on my trustee GPS and guess what, Plymouth Rock was only a 15 minute jont away. So, I played tourist for about 45 minutes. I got to see the Mayflower II, the town of Plymouth and, of course, the rock. The rock was a complete let down (so small!!!!) until I read the history on it which goes something like this.

It used to be three times the size (water rushing over it for 400 years wore it down) and they tried to move it, got split into 2 pieces (a top and bottom half) which is why I only saw the 1/3 top half of it. With the engraved "1620" on it.

And actually, history said nothing of this so called 'rock'. Until much later in time when someone heard from someone that was on the Mayflower that is rock is what they stood upon as a group claiming that is land would be their home. But actually the two men who documented this happening never mentioned the rock at all. So interesting to me!!! Anyways, people don't really know the whole story behind it. Other theories are that it was used to tied the boat to or something simple like that.

Here are a few pics from yesterday. Taken with my phone, so not the best quality. I want to go back and actually explore the town because it is C-U-T-E and there are little wineries and such along the beach right across from everything.

(I might mention that after my visit to Plymouth, my meeting was in the oldest standing police building, built in 1819 and the home-town of Tom Thumb). GREAT DAY because I LOVE history :)

This is the little beach area that Plymouth Rock is on and which is believe to be the small area where the boat landed.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Neil and Pauline update for all my readers. So, if you aren't up to date on our current living situation click here to familiarize yourself before continuing on with this one.

Pauline is still here and actually I have to admit that she is really, really nice (a little trashy) but nice and Tyson LOVES her. Well, what happened last night, was the third time since she has been here and by-far the worst.....
Neil and her drank during the day yesterday. Sometime between 9-10pm at night, we start hearing yelling. Like drunk, mean, MEAN yelling at each other. I kid you not, this went into the wee hours of the morning. We could hear things breaking, doors slamming, etc. It would wear off and I could fall back asleep thinking they have finally fallin asleep, only to be woken up again by another round of screaming. It was so bad. Here were my thoughts.

1) Should I call the police?
Pros: if he is hitting her or vise-versa, this would be good.
Cons: if it is just a drunk screaming match, I don't want to make enemies with people who share the same roof as us

2) Am I going to wake up to a crime scene? (yes, this is how bad it was... I didn't know if one was going to kill the other or not)
Pros: no pros to this situation
Cons: besides the obvious, i would feel terrible about not calling the police and I wouldn't want to become a suspect (I have been reading too many Jodi Picoult books).

3) Can the neighbors hear and if so, do they assume it is Adam and I?
Pros: I hope the neighbors can hear, so someone will call the police
Cons: If the neighbors can hear, are they assuming it is Adam and I? That would be really embarrassing. But likely they would assume that because Neil and Pauline use the back door, so nobody really sees them like they do Adam and I.

Needless to say, this always happens when Adam has to open the gym at 4:30am (poor guy). But he said the first thing he did when he got there was look on Craigslist for new places to live. I was fully on board with this until I got to thinking. It is really unfair for us to be the ones to move, when we were perfectly happy with the house and then a girl who is not on the lease, who is a live-in girlfriend on 6 wks now is going to drive us out? I mean, we are good renters and I don't think our Landlord would want to lose us... just sayin...
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rolling with the punches

My last company, I reported to a women manager. Even when I got a new one, it was still a girl. Girl's tend to be: more talkative, detailed and wanting details, sympathetic, understanding, and just all-around fairly easy to work with (at least in my opinion).
My new company- it is the complete opposite and it is challenging adapting to the changes. Especially since I work remotely.... For instance, in my old job, if I didn't have as many meetings as I was supposed to in a week- they would say "Emily, you are doing a great job. You were soooo busy this week and we saw and noticed that so don't worry about it"
This job goes something like this... no body tells you what the expectations are. So- I do what I think I should do, then get reprimanded for it (not really in trouble, just brought to my attention) and I have to act like I don't give a crap about what they are saying (emotionally) and will fix it and move on. Meanwhile, I feel like a failure inside, I HATE getting in trouble or not being a "favorite" etc. It sucks and I am really trying to tone down my girliness and roll with the punches as they come but one if my bosses literally thinks I am an idiot. Here are a few examples:
- I emailed him the other day and said I was visiting three places in the morning and would call him in the afternoon. He emails back and says "visiting three places" is not a proper term for a sales call. You need to say you are going on three "sales calls" then proceeds to walk me though a sales 101 course via email
- He told me the other day on the phone that police are like the military in the aspect that they are very title oriented (Chief, Sergeant, etc.) and when I am talking to them I need to address them by their title.... no sh*t Shurlock. Do you think I grew up under a rock and haven't been paying attention the last year I was with this company?

Those are just 2 examples of many that come to mind right now. I am really upset right now because when I took this position, originally he said I would definitely be traveling a lot. But not necessarily even week. So, every week I have been spending 2-4 full days there, just depending. Now, as of today, I am supposed to be spending Monday-Friday there. Great. excellent. And back to the expectations. Nobody tells you and then just expects you to have already known this.
Very frustrating.
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Writers Block

I love to update my blog, but I have writer's block! I can attribute my writer's block to a few causes, not sure if any of them ARE the cause, but just speculation.
1) This new position has made me stress out more than anything ever has in the past. I continually have a nervous feeling or one of complete disdain for what I have gotten myself into (this position is really, really hard- but I can do it)
2) I am always tired from traveling
3) I have no time to mentally document when things happen anymore- which most of the time, lead to blog stories!

So, I am trying to dig deep into my creative-ness and tell you a few mini-stories.
1) I was driving over a huge bridge today and one of the signs said "No Jumping". It made me chuckle to myself... hopefully that will stop any future suicides.
2) One of my meetings this morning is where Abigail Adams was born. Who is she? I am going to research that later.
3) The Bruns/Carter wedding was so much fun this weekend! It was incredible to see everyone. Brittany and Jimmy did a fantastic job and looked amazing and the DJ was excellent, which in my opinion, can make or break a reception! Yay for love and wedding season!
4) Oh... probably the biggest news of the weekend was Adam actually said he want to move back to KC eventually. This was huge news because I thought we were going to be Deverites forever more. It won't happen anytime soon, but I am glad we are on the same page because I think I want to move back eventually too.

That's all. Maybe something phenomenal will happen tomorrow that will spice up my brain again!
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston- the City of Love

No, it is not the city of love... I just really love it. The weather is turning, the beach vacationers are coming in for the summer and everyone is HAPPY! I would be too if it had been cloudy, rainy and snowy for the past 7 months! But it is BEAUTIFUL here. Lots of trees and water. Anyways, I am getting more and more familiar with the geography and pronunciation of cities the and towns (which has been the biggest challenge as a sales rep). Unlike the Midwest, New Englanders do not pronounce things the way we do which is every syllable in a word. For instance, the city of Haverhill is not pronounced Haver-hill... like everyone just read to themselves. I can't even type the way it is pronounced- just strange. The history of Boston and the entire state just makes me giddy with curiosity (ex: Salem is my account- like the witch town; Plymouth is my account- ever heard of Plymouth Rock?!). Everything justs make me feel out of my element in a good way.
Quick story. Last week, I went running around the city of Boston. My hotel had a jogging map that took you by some sites so I decided why not?! I was looking at the route and it took me past MIT (yes, the college)... which is 2 blocks down from Harvard (yes, that college). I would like to think I am still considered a college student while running in sweats near colleges- while people are driving by and thinking who knew the Harvard/MIT students had time outside of studying for runs?! Muhahaha. But then I look in my suitcase at my INAPPROPRIATE TEE-SHIRTS from college. "Beer is for breakfast... drink or be gone" "Classy Cat trick or Shot" etc, etc. Dead give-away I do not attend these prestigious schools, but am a POSER. Luckily, it was cold enough to wear my plain black fleece and let the passer-bys think what they will. :)