Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready to get buzzed?

Tomorrow we launch our first marketing campaign for BumblePost, Called BumblePostBuzz (don't try to URL for this today- we are double checking for bugs). I am pretty excited just to get something LIVE! Tomorrow is Feb. 1, we are launching March 1, assuming everything goes smoothly. We start testing a week from tomorrow (so don't be surprised if any of you get an email from me inviting you to be part of our test group- we are still debating how many we want for this group).

I have officially reached the point where I am overly excited and overly nervous at the same time. Like I could puke from nervousness right now. We are making sure we have everything set to go (accounting-wise) and we are approaching the final countdown.... hard work, lots of time and effort and though I hope launching will give us some of our lives back, I have a feeling that it is only going to get busier!

Cheers to taking a chance :)
Sunday, January 30, 2011

Around the US and back again

In the last 9 days I have been in Boston, Birmingham and Miami. I am currently at the airport getting ready to head home! Highlights from this week are pretty boring, so I am trying to be super creative and"dig deep".

- Black tie Mayor's Ball event in Miami, FL. Think ball gowns, tuxes, etc. I showed up wearing my typical work gear (pencil skirt, button down- oops!). The event was sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka.... which means, I drank a lot of vodka. I had to "loosen up" since I felt slightly under dressed....

- Going out in Boston with Mayors, City Councilors and Lobbyist. Alone! Not a typical move on my part (I usually don't go out unless I am with other people from ATS). But I had a great time and was having flash backs the next day about some of my conversations that may have not been overly intelligent. Sometimes I try too hard to sound really smart and it my sentences come out opposite of sounding smart.

- My bag was lost when I got to Birmingham. Was about 30 mins away from having to find a 24 hour target to buy all new clothes for a morning seminar (that I was in charge of). Thank the Lord my bag came! I never, never check a bag unless I am forced. And I was forced and the airline lost it. typical.

- This week has reinforced my love for Southwest Airlines. I have been flying Star Alliance (US Air, Continental and United) because I need airline miles for a certain wedding in Cancun and it sucks. In a nutshell: US Air and United have pretty dirty planes, no snacks on board that are free and a super annoying boarding process. Ugghhh. AND they don't recycle!!!! Delta at least recycles (and I don't prefer them either).

Anyways, I am about to finish "Water for Elephants" and I can't wait! It is so good. Highly recommend it.

And its Monday again tomorrow..
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Queen Latifah, J-Lo and Beyonce

What do all of these women have in commen? A big behind. And it looks like I am joining the ranks... well, according to my husband and a few other observers.

Within the last month, I have heard countless times that my butt has gotten bigger since doing crossfit. Is this the look I was going for? Absolutely NOT. In fact, I initially got pretty upset about it. I mean, no one wants to be called Queen Latifah in their own house. Adam keeps on reassuring me that it is a good thing... but still....

I have to keep reminding myself that I am in the "get bigger before get smaller" phase. This happens every time I start working out, after a long hiatus. Basically, my body starts building up muscle under the fat, but the fat hasn't been burned off yet so there is a slight increase in size. I am hoping that here in a few months when the fat seriously starts burning off... I will be left with muscle and my be-hind will go back to its original size.

In the meantime..... someone please tell Adam that though he thinks it is funny referring to me as Queen Latifah, J-Lo or Beyonce. That its really not that funny.
Monday, January 17, 2011

Extremely Fun

I was a single mom all last week. Adam was gone for SIX days for work and so between Facebook, reading and napping, I tried to fill the week with some social activities. They included: Dinner and Black Swan with Jamie Smith, family dinner with Larry, Becky, Zach and Phil and lunch and costume shopping with Nikki and Georgia. Seriously, I did more with friends last week than I have in a long time.
Georgia is the owner of Crossfit Lodo (Lodo means Lower Downtown. It is an area in Denver... in case you were wondering) and she had planned an Aspen Extreme costume/beer pong tournament at the gym on Saturday night. Adam was gone, so Nikki and I were partners (we made it to semi-finals...). Needless to say, our costumes were awesome, our beer pong skills were sub-par but our flip cup skills were amazing and our dance skills were indescribable. I had a great time.
Greatest. Picture. Ever.

I would have to say the best part about having a party at the gym is this: all of the sudden you would look over and someone would be doing pull ups, practicing a handstand, or attempting un-assisted keg stands (pretty sweet). When the dance party started, out came the kettle bells and medicine balls. Its amazing the dance moves you can come up with using gym equipment.
Friday, January 14, 2011

Only time will tell

Long story short. Adam's mom went to a Medium (not a psychic like I posted on Facebook) and her convo with the medium went something like this:
Medium: "You are going to be a grandmother sooner than you think...."
Jan: "yipeee!!!!" (I don't know if she really said this, but I am sure there was some sort of joyful noise that came out of her at this point)
Medium: "Do you or Emily's family have a history of twins?"
Jan: "I don't think so"
Medium:" because I am seeing for one boy for sure, if not two and can't tell if they were born at the same time... possibly twin boys"
Jan: probably freaking out from happiness at this point.....

Jan relays this to Adam- who relays this to me- which means the convo above may have been a little different, but it was something similar. My reactions?! (1) weird because I want twins soooo badly (2) Am I only having two kids because I really, really want 3+? (3) Does the twins mean that maybe I can't have kids easily so I have to get invetro... which means I end up having twins? (4) What did she mean by "sooner than Jan thinks" should I be investing in better birth control???? (5) Holy cow, I am over thinking this.... I don't even believe in this stuff.

Yes ladies & gents. Adam is out of town and I was slightly crazy minded last night with all of these thoughts running through my head, sitting alone in my house. Do I believe in Mediums/Psychics? Absolutely not. Do I think some people are more in-tune with that side? Absolutely. So, I will take this info with a grain of salt. Disregarding it and am not taking it to heart.

....And I am off to the bookstore to buy books on parenting twin boys... catch ya later.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Randomness- I know, weird.

First off, pardon my last post. I just re-read it and it is way to serious for hump day. At the point in time I posted, I was just in thinking mode (and only Adam truly knows what that is like...). Anyways, onto what this post is really about.... nothing- just my ramblings!

1) Tyson has a habit of carrying things around and hiding them places. For instance, Nikki was over the other night- she was leaving and said "I thought I brought my gloves in" we both looked around, didn't see them, so figured she left them in the car. I go upstairs to get in bed and what do I find? Her gloves buried in the covers. This happens constantly at our house! If I leave my suitcase on the floor for a few days, when I FINALLY unpack I typically find a toy or two of Tyson's in there. I have found a bone in Adam's sock drawer, bra in my office, socks in the bed, socks in the cushions of the couch, etc, etc ,etc.

2) I am definitely becoming a Crossfit coach. I start an intership program in February and I am pretty excited about it.

3) I am going to learn how to snowboard ASAP! At the end of the season, I am going to pick which one I am going to stick with and by a nice set of skis or a board.... please let it be boarding (I am just not a natural skier).

4) Tyson has started a habit of sitting on my lap while I am working. He is doing it right now. All 65 lbs of him. It is really annoying, but too cute to make him get off. Dang.

Thats all for now.

Too serious for a Wednesday... but really wanted to get your opinions

Have you heard about the Kenya West's new music video called Monster? There is a huge debate going on right now because the video features dead girls hanging from the ceiling, drugged up girls in lingerie on a bed (with Kenya right there with them...), and some even worse stuff... etc., etc. It has created a huge hoo-plah because with sex-trafficking being such a huge deal right now, along with women rights, people are saying this video is flat-out wrong and dare I say... woman hating?!

Here is the article. About mid -way down is the link to the video teaser. People are so against this video there is a petition to sign, too.... if you feel so inclined.

Here are my thoughts: I probably wouldn't have thought twice about this video, until I read the article. This video is definitely toeing a very thin line. It shows the dominance of men over women and there are major world issues right now that are not a joking matter and can be assumed that this video is depicting (sex trafficking/sex slavery). As one commenter says... "there has to be a line somewhere" which I totally agree with, or else the line keeps getting pushed back and back. As a 25 year old, I honestly don't really care that much, BUT, I will probably start caring a lot more about what is shown on TV once I have kids.

Anyways, this was interesting enough for me to post on this blog. I really want your opinions. Is this video harmless? Are people just over reacting? Or has Kenya West gone a little too far with this one?

Happy Wednesday!
Monday, January 10, 2011

Doing it in the Dark

This weekend was full of friends, skiing/boarding, laughing, eating candy, celebrating birthdays, admiring the mountains and driving home from the mountains to snow in Denver. (first snow of the year that we have been in town for!).

Friday night, we drove up to Frisco to see these cute kids.
And do a little bit of this. Birthday shot for the birthday girl (Maddie). Don't mind me in this pic.
And do a little bit of SKIING in the dark. What did you think I was talking about?! We went night skiing in Keystone and it was so, so fun. Loved it.

Pre-night skiing. Just warming up our skillzzzz.
Our Crew on Saturday.
But all good things must come to an end..... our friends drove back to KC and Adam left town today until SUNDAY for work! How the tables have turned. Loved this weekend, love our life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011!

In 2011, I want to: (ordered from least important to more important!)

1) Wear more lip color!

I am looking dull, Nikki is looking glamorous.

2) Change up my hair styles more. Instead of straight and down, switch it up a bit! I got a new curling iron for Christmas to hopefully help me with this....

Boring Hair (1)

Boring Hair (2)

Boring Hair (3)
3) To work harder at my day job and at BumblePost. New year- there is money to be made!

Or grow a money tree...

4) Be a better listener, be a better speaker. Meaning, not rambling while in conversation and give people my full attention when they are speaking.

5) Get BumblePost off the ground!!! We are sooooo close! Say a little prayer for us...

6) Continue to grow my relationships. Especially with Adam and the Lord. I need to make Church a priority!

7) Fix my blog! Change the background and make it look somewhat cute! (This should have been listed in items 1-3).

Here's to a great 2011!
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best moment of my life

Thank the lord for camera phones... because I had completely forgotten about this amazing story I am about to share. Luckily, I accidentally hit the camera button on my phone and this picture popped up which leads me into my story.
We went to Tanners with some friends over Christmas. Adam had some drinks and I drove us home. Our friend Blake came along with us, just to spend some more time with Adam before he headed home for the night.
We walk into the kitchen, the three of us are standing around the Griffins island in the kitchen just chatting away, when I see Adam reach over and grab a handful of something and pop them into his mouth.
Two seconds later, I realize what he just put in his mouth..... DOG FOOD!!!!!!! Yes! Right as he is crunching down... I yell "THAT'S DOG FOOD!" Adam's eyes get about the size of golf balls as he realizes what I just said. He runs to the sink and starts spitting and washing out his mouth.

Someone has set a bowl of dog food up on the counter, where typically a bowl of nuts or candy sits... so Adam, not even thinking, took a big, fat handful and popped them into his mouth. Blake and I were literally DYING for the next 5 minutes.
My husband ate dog food. Best moment of my life.
Monday, January 3, 2011

Never-Ending Holiday!

The Holidays make me sad. They make me really reflect on the year, realize another year has gone by and as I start to prepare myself for the coming year, I get an emotional wave when I realize how blessed I am and how fast time passes! Don't get me wrong I LOVE the Holidays... but as I get older they really affect me more and more. This Holiday season was more than we could have asked for. It was a jammed-packed 9 days but we loved every second of our trip!

Instead of boring you with every detail (which I had typed up and just deleted) I am going to take you through the highlights!

#1- leaving Denver on Christmas Eve at 5:30am. My husband loves Christmas and couldn't wait to get home (this would have NEVER happened in my pre-married life because I love to sleep).
#2- Our present from the kids to the Griffins were tickets to Transyberian Orchestra as a family. It was SUCH a fun night. We cooked dinner for Adam's parents at Kelly and Kenny's house and then went to the show all together.
Self timer pic... the best one we got.

#3- Pinstripe Bowl!! We left KC early on the 30th to make it in time for the game. Besides the outcome, our trip to NYC was memorable. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle who are so generous and just make everything that much more fun. I want their life.
It was sun-shiny bright!!!!
This picture of my boots is to remind myself never to wear them to a cold sporting event. At this point in time, my feet were sooo cold, it was painful and I could have cried about it.

#4- New Years Eve! We were still in NY (actually staying in Stamford, CT) but my Aunt made Adam and I a reservation at this cute wine bar/restaurant in the quaint town of New Canan, CT. Adam and I got some alone time and just enjoyed each other's company. We reflected on the year and talked about our goals for 2011. After polishing off a bottle of wine, we headed home to watch the ball drop with the fam!
The one and only picture taken on NYE! If you don't have a funny younger sister, you should get one.
#5- Touring NYC! We saw it all..... and I love it there....
My Aunt Cindy and Nat in front of the 4 story Forever XII in Times Square. We spent a quality amount of time in there :)

#6- We were traveling for about 22 hours on Sunday. We had a six AM flight out of CT and our connection was several hours delayed, so by the time we landed in KC and drove the 9 hours back to Denver, we had been awake and in an airport, plane or car for about 22 hours of the day. Fun, fun!
All in all, we had an excellent twenty ten and have high hopes for twenty-eleven. Stay tuned for my next post which is the typical and expected New Years resolution post!