Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A so-not-cool "day in the life"

We have a new travel system for work now, so basically you are required to book the cheapest flight. This poses a problem for me considering a direct flight from Denver to Ft. Lauderdale is already 4 hours long, and needless to say… the directs are not usually the cheapest. This has made my travel days 7+ hours long counting airport time and layover. Blah.

So I decided to sneak home early this week and head home on a Wednesday night instead of my typical Thursday. I book a Delta flight going through Atlanta.

I get to the airport in Ft. Lauderdale and find our flight is an hour delayed. Well, this puts my layover time in Atlanta to 8 minutes. Sweet. I am probably going to miss my connection, meaning, I will have to spend the night in Atlanta. I would say probably one- third to a half of the people on my flight out of Florida are in the same situation.

We actually land 20 mins early in Atlanta. Everyone is really excited because they might be able to make their connections. We pull up to the gate and wait for the door to open…. Keep waiting…. Keeping waiting. We waited for 15 minutes for a gate agent to come let us out. Are you kidding me?! The people on the plane start to get real snippy, including myself. I mean, come on Delta. One by one, people start to miss their connections because we are freaking stuck on the plane. FINALLY, we get off. I literally RUUUNNN to my gate. Sweating, looking awkward, I am not wearing a supportive bra… I am sure I looked like a freak but I was determined to make it.

I arrive at my gate and I have officially made it- the door has not closed yet. Whew. So happy. My boarding pass did not have a seat number on it, so I tell the gate agent this and he tells me to step to the side so he can get me a seat. I am waiting there with about 6 people that this also happened to. About 5 mins passes and they call my name, I get my seat and walk onto the plane. Literally so relieved at this point.

This is when it gets interesting. I am assigned to 10E. There is an old lady in my seat. I kindly tell her that I am in 10 E, only to find that her boarding pass says the same thing. Weird. Tell the attendant this… they tell me to hold on. Welp… All the 6 people who waited for a seat assignment ended up having the same problem. Freaking awesome. The plane is completely sold out. We literally stand in the aisle for about 5-10 mins. The attendants come to the conclusion that there are no seats, and we are told to grab our stuff and exit the plane. At this point, I am on the verge of tears. I just want to get home.

We are standing in the jet way. Waiting for instruction, all ticked off and really, really tired ( it is past 10pm at this point). The agent comes to talk to us and calls my name. “Emily Ann??” yes, that is me. “There is one seat left on the plane and you are the only one ‘confirmed’.” At this point, my heart does a literal leap of joy…. I am getting evil eyes from the 5 other people who are going to be stuck in Atlanta for the night. I get my stuff and board for the second time, only to find out the last seat left on the plane is in first class…. Yep. First class.

I am guessing traveling as much as I do is starting to pay off.. I mean, I have flown Delta quite a bit and this was booked through our company travel agent… so I guess I had precedence over the others. Literally thank the Lord. But I can honestly say, after all the traveling I have done. This has been the most disorganized airline experiences. I am thinking about complaining to Delta, not for myself, but for the people that missed their connections because a gate agent was M.I.A. or for the 5 others who had boarding passes with seat assignments, then got the boot. I mean, seriously.
Monday, July 26, 2010


I love surprises, especially when they are completely unexpected... so last weekend, I had to work all weekend in Reno, NV. I was planning on being with Greg and we were both flying in on Saturday. I am boarding my plane out of Denver and who pops out of a row?! None other than Natalie Otto :) I was sooooo surprised/happy. Apparently, Nat was grounded, so Greg said she could come to Reno instead to hang out with us all weekend (and booked a flight through Denver, which I was on)! From there, she flew to Denver to spend a few days with Adam and I. (See post below!)

Anyways, we took some great pics in Reno on her camera, but she has temporarily misplaced the cord- so I will post later if she finds it :)
Thursday, July 22, 2010

What up brah?!

Stay tuned for how Natalie got to Denver in my next post.....
But, Natalie came on a last minute/mini visit to Denver this week. We got back to Denver on Tuesday night and we dropped her off Thursday night. For any of you that don't know my youngest sister, Natalie, let me fill you in on why she is awesome:
1) Her current saying is "brah". Now she has Adam and I saying it every sentence.
2) She is 17 and about to be a Junior in High School. This means, her friends have some of the funniest drama going on right now and I loved hearing about it!!! Oh High School....
3) Natalie is one of the most funny people you will probably ever meet, but more importantly, she laughs really easily so she makes me feel like I am actually funny, even if I am pretty lame.
4) She is a little "tigeress" more to come on that....
5) She is really creative: (if any of you are FB friends with her- just check out some of the hilarious videos she has made)
These are just a few of the reasons why I love her. I was sad to see her go, but in the two days she was here we had a good time. We went hiking, out to eat, to 2 different DSW's to find the shoes Nat wanted in her size, watched a movie, etc. She is just so freaking adorable.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Griffin Summer 2010

Our summer has been very busy the last few weeks. We moved into our new place on the 1st and are still not completely moved in. We just have way too much stuff. Here are a few pictures from our move. This is our new place and what it looked like the first day we were officially out of the house. Scary.

Just tons and tons of work to do. It sucked, not going to lie. We just bought a new Organic Mattress (large married purchase #2) for our bedroom, so we can move our current mattress to the guest room and finally get that room put together. It will be ready for guests by next weekend!! (hint, hint)

Onto better things... it is SUMMER in Colorado!! Adam and I's favorite time of the year and we have done several hikes recently. Here are a few pictures to share.... it is seriously so beautiful here right now. Zero humidity and just unbelievably gorgeous!
Zach Harmon (Sig Ep at KSU with Adam) just moved here... so Adam and him have been having excellent adventures while I am traveling during the week (Zach doesn't start work until next week). Adam completed his first Fourteener this week with Zach. There are 52 14,000 ft+ peaks in the state of Colorado. It takes all day to complete one and they are super challenging because the high altitude makes it hard to breathe and they are just super tall, so super long hikes. But they made it! These pictures are just ridiculous.

Last but not least, Adam got a new job!!! And pretty much his dream position. He is going to be working for the University of Denver as a recruiter for their Real Estate and Construction programs. Basically he will be talking to students about the program, doing campus tours, special events, etc. And the best part of this position is he still gets to do real estate. He has been interested in working at a University for a long time and with DU under his belt, it can position him to work for a larger college like CU or something in the not-too-far future. He is very exited to get started.

The Griffins are on the up and up... finally!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting a real business is scary

So as continues to move forward, we are officially at the stage where actual money and actual lawyers are getting involved. Along with actual binding contracts...this is all good, but also really scary.
So far, we have the developer chosen and our first meeting was last night with him. We have our printing and mailing company chosen, our logo finalized, our domain name and splash page complete for now. We are working on card designs right now, and are in the process of getting a lawyer to review all the contracts, finalize the LLC operating agreement and we need company insurance like ASAP (which we didn't really think about until yesterday).

The developer thinks our site with take 60 days to put together. The good news for you??? Some of my readers just might be in the first users group to make sure all the bugs are out of the system before it goes live to the world.... :) More to come on that later.

The biggest challenge for me? I have no freaking clue about IT stuff- so some of this stuff is way over my head. Good thing Adam and Nick have a well-rounded knowledge of it. I have determined, if BumblePost ever got big enough where this way Adam and I's job. He would be the visionary and determine where are company is going and I would figure out the details of how to make it happen. It is really strange how your strengths and weaknesses really show in situations like this.

If you haven't been to our company blog recently. Click here to check it out. I think my first blog post will be sometime in the next few days! In the meantime, please help us spread the word!
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Me and my nose

I am weird. There are times in my life, triggered by nothing when I get bloody noses. It happens in phases that will last a few months, then a year or so will go by with none, then out of the blue they will come again. So, every day I get 1-3 of them... and it is really annoying to say the least. And I have a "heavy" flow of them...not just a few drips but like scary amounts at times (i know... gross). Anyways, I have not gotten one in forever- since before we were married, which was strange because we live in a super dry climate.

Story 1: Key West, FL - our 1 year anniversary and one of the most humid places I have been in a while. I am laying out and sweating. I decide I need more sunscreen. I stand up and feel some beads of sweat come down my face (so I think). I am standing there rubbing sunscreen all over my face and i turn to get into the pool.... there is this lady sitting across from me that has this look of horror on her face. I don't think much of it and turn to Adam who looks up from his book. He freaks out because I have blood ALLLLLLL over my face. He says it looks like I took a baseball bat to myself. I grab a towel and sprint to the room where I look at myself in the mirror. It was kinda funny by this point because I had blood all over myself and face. I was just rubbing the sunscreen in and smearing it everywhere.... ha!

Story 2: So since Key West, I have contiuned to get a bloody nose most every day, if not two to three times per day. I know, sick. So this weekend. Adam and I are making out. I break away from him and look at his face. He has blood all on his face. I touch my nose and sure enough... blood is all over mine too. So annoying!!! Can I not even kiss my own husband without bleeding all over us both??? I mean, seriously. Does anyone have a solution for my nose issue?
Monday, July 5, 2010

Highly offensive but really funny

Disclaimer: this is not an appropriate post, but so entertaining I had to share. If you get offended, I am really sorry and just know that we don't really think or talk like this... ever.

Background: Adam works the front desk at a gym here in Denver part-time. They are always joking around with eachother if someone leaves their facebook open, or email, etc. So you always have to be careful..... well it was finally payback for Adam last week and here is how it went down.... There is a gay Yoga Instructor that always talks to Adam. He is really nice and openly, flaming gay. He got on Adam's email account and sent himself an email from Adam's account... and then replied to the email that "Adam" had sent to him... here are the emails:

Received: 01:27 AM MDT, 06/30/2010 From: "Adam Griffin" <> To: <> Subject: Adam from the Gym
Hey Bud,
It's Adam from the front desk at the gym. I know it's late but I can't sleep. You have got one rocking body!
This is kind of awkward because I had no idea you were gay. I wondered if you would like to hang sometime and maybe grab a beer or something. We can keep it on the DL. Don't know if you were joking with me when Julia was texting the other day - so just maybe......? If more comfortable for you we can start with a massage.....
Sorry if I seem like a geek. I'm just kind of new to all this man on man stuff.
See you on Friday.
Adam Griffin
cell: 303-949-1484

From: "Brian Fun" <> Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 15:03:57 -0600 To: Adam Griffin<> Subject: Hey Brian
Dude -
Thanks for the note and honestly this is too weird for me. You are a nice guy and funny and all - but I don't go around talking to all different boys. That would make me a cheap colfax whore. Thanks but no thanks - but appreciate the offer.
btw - does this mean that you have been staring at me when I don't have my shirt on after yoga? I'm going to make sure I put it on before I come down to talk to you guys. And don't worry, I won't make a big deal out of this or tell anyone.

Received: 03:06 PM MDT, 07/01/2010 From: To: "Brian Fun" <> Subject: Re: Hey Brian

What the heck is this crap?????? who got on my account??

From: "Brian Fun" <> Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 15:18:49 -0600 To: <> Subject: Re: Hey Brian
It's okay dude - U don't have to act weird. It's no big deal. Really. Let's just forget you sent me this email.

Received: 03:25 PM MDT, 07/01/2010 From: To: "Brian Fun" <> Subject: Re: Hey Brian
Stop fantasizing about fake email convos that u send to urself when I walk away from the desk

From: "Brian Fun" <> Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 15:26:58 -0600 To: <> Subject: Re: Hey Brian

Received: 03:28 PM MDT, 07/01/2010 From: To: "Brian Fun" <> Subject: Re: Hey Brian

I'm going to poop on the floor in the yoga room 5 minutes before ur class starts tomorrow morning.

1/2 Cup of Crazy

Where do I start with this... Adam and I have officially moved into our new place but let me backtrack for a minute. When we told our landlord we were moving, he found a new renter- duh. As I heard, this lady was kinda strange, but whatever- she wanted the house. Well, about 2 weeks ago, Adam was home alone working during the day. someone start knocking on the door. He figures it is a salesperson and doesn't answer. This same person starts looking in all the windows and yelling into them "Hello??" "Anybody home??" etc. purely annoying to say the least. Adam goes to the door and low and behold, it is the future tenant of our house just asking Adam when we were going to move out and then continues to talk to him for the next 30 minutes about her life story. Afterwards, Adam calls Tim (landlord) and tells him what happend. Tim apologizes because that is not how this is supposed to work but Adam really doesn't care that much but comes to the conclusion that she is looney tunes.

Last week, our lives go something like this: I fly out on Monday after packing up the house all weekend. Adam is in charge of picking up the U Haul on Wednesday, loading it all up so we can move in. Adam and a few of our friends load up the house and unload the furniture into the new place all in one day. I fly in at 11:30pm this night. Adam picks me up- tells me we got to move in that day- so he didn't have time to clean the house yet and we head over there......
in a situation like this you always think it is going to go fast. Until we get over there, there are a few things left behind and he completely forgot about our front closet. No biggie... but after 3 car loads and cleaning like crazy we finally get out of there at 4am... yes, 4am people which means I have been up for 24 hours at this point in time. Awesome. New renter is supposed to move in at 7am.

We left 2 things behind 1) our grill.. woundn't fit into the UHaul 2) our friend Adam had stored a rug and a chair in our garage. Not a big deal (Tim is sooooo laid back) and we would get it in the morning.

We sleep until about 10am on Thursday and wake up to voicemails from Tim saying how crazy lady is putting our stuff in the alley (really Adam's stuff) and we should probably get over there. We immediately head over to the house. Luckily the lady isn't there at this point. So, we load up the grill and ummm... can't find Adam's stuff ($2000.00 rug and chair). I kinda freak out- go down to talk to Neil and Pauline who luckily saved everything from the lady and put in their storage area for us after psycho started threatening to put it in the dumpster. Thank the Lord. Adam and I both discuss how sorry we feel for Neil and Pauline since they have to live with a crazy, but don't think much of it and head home.

That afternoon, I am un packing the kitchen. I leave a drawer empty for silverwear and keep thinking the next box is going to have our silverwear. (wedding silverwear, steak knives, etc). I can't find it so finally I ask Adam where he put it. He immediately doesn't remember packing it and this means, we freaking left it at the house. Crap. Another possible encounter with the lady. I tell Adam just to go over there (she came over to our house a few weeks back) and just get it from her. He goes over there and sees the lady and Pauline in the house, Adam peaks his head in the screen door (still standing outside). She is on the phone with Tim the landlord, but looks up at Adam. He kindly says "hey, we left our silverwear and just want to grab it real quick". She FREAKS OUT. And starts yelling at Adam saying " GET OUT! THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW!! YOU DON"T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. YOU LEFT THIS PLACE A COMPLETE MESS AND I HAVE HAD TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY- GET OUT NOW!!!!
Adam was in such shock, he just left immediately......

(this is really long so here is the end of the convoluted story) Tim the Landlord kicked her out. She was such a pain in the A, he made her leave and the only way she could get her money back was to give us the silverwear back.... yep... she moved out this weekend and we finally got our stuff back today!!! yay! hahahahaha..... longest post EVER.