Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1st day of work

My first work day went something like this:

I took WAY too long to figure out what to wear for my first day. My wardrobe is an epic failure. In my new job, I can wear what I want. This is great, but the last two years I have worked from home (sweats), traveled (suits) and we out (dressier clothes). Basically, I have nothing in-between of sweats and dressier clothes. After I finally figured out what to wear, Adam and I commuted together to Boulder. It was actually kinda fun. Like your parents dropping you off your first day of school.....
The walk to the office was another story. We parked about 2-3 blocks away and my new shoes rubbed and rubbed my heels the entire way to my office. By the time I got there- they were bleeding, no joke. I could barely walk the entire day. I am surprised I didn't get asked why I was limping.

My job is great so far. Brand new Macbook Pro laptop (I am pretty excited about this), "Cookie Tuesday" at the office (just what it sounds like-every Tuesday), people are so relaxed, happy, hard workers, etc. Every Friday we get lunch delivered to the office. There is a great vibe to the place and to working in Boulder, so overall I think it will be a good fit! Definitely a change coming from a larger corporate company.

Thats the quickie update. Will blog better later!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Change is good

Its official- I have accepted a new job! For anyone that is semi-close to me, they know I have never been happy at my current job. I gave it over 2 years- waited for it to get better. It never did- so I am peacing out. I can't wait to put in my notice later today. Muhahaha.

Adam and I will be working in office buildings next door to each other in Boulder. By the way, at his new job they have a kitchen full of free food and beer 24/7. They have drinks together at the end of every work day. How amazing is that? I know you advertising folks are probably thinking that's the norm. But that is NOT the norm.

I will still be doing sales, but I will be working for a start up called SendGrid. I think it will be a great fit for me and my personality. Can't wait to get into the "vibe" of working in Boulder. Maybe I will get some dreads and start smoking weed.

Anyways, that's the Friday update! Still don't know where we are living. We are waiting on a structural engineer's report from the house we might put an offer on. It could be until next week until we get the report... either way, we can't afford Boulder so will be moving to NW Denver regardless. This will let us by-pass a lot of the Denver traffic on our commute to Boulder and we can ride our bikes downtown. How cute.
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skinny Fat

I totally embrace the fact that you all think I might be a weirdo and that I am slightly obsessed with Crossfit (start teaching in June!). But I think every girl can get something out of this article that was written below. I have been thinking about it ever since I read it. Enjoy :)

Skinny Fat

by Cody Endurance, Science, Workout of the Day on May 8th, 2011 128 Comments

Disclaimer: I have been getting a ton of questions about this topic from both inside and outside the gym, from lots of different people, so this isn’t directed at anyone in particular. Although, if this topic resonates with you, take the time to read it. This post is more a psychological and analytical approach to body image, Sean has the scientific approach in the comments.

One of the most difficult things to fight as a coach is the thought that “Lifting weights is going to make me ‘bulk up’” from women. My first response is to shake my head and contemplate shoving my hand in a toaster to cure the frustration… Yet, when I stop and think about it, I honestly like the way CrossFit makes my body look. And I know there are many of us in the gym that wouldn’t be as enamored with CrossFit if we didn’t see aesthetic results in combination with fitness results, so I do think it is a valuable question that needs to be answered. 150 148 94 48 23

The first thing you need to do is look around the gym at girls that have been CrossFitting for a long time. If we created “bulky bodies”, you would see them at CFSB. All the above are CrossFitters that have been with us a long time… Strong, not bulky, don’t you agree?? (Sorry for not including all our awesome girls, but I only went back three pages on flickr).

Definitions and Misconceptions:

To begin, we need to address some misconceptions about how the body works…

  • You cannot “tone” a certain portion of your body. Your body will not lose fat in one spot at a time, it will only lose fat. Thus, you must reduce your overall body fat percentage to see results in the area you want. This is why the “ab-(insert attention-grabbing verb)” you see on TV won’t work to help you get a better midsection.
  • Lean – having little to no surplus fat - Thus, to look “lean”, you need to have low levels of body fat.
  • Toned – seeing muscle definition on a human body - Thus, to look “toned”, you need to have low levels of body fat combined with having enough muscular development that you can see the shape of the muscle under the skin. This is usually accomplished at below 20% body fat on women, and below 10% on men.
  • You will never “bulk up” overnight, except from maybe an ice cream and beer binge (guilty). You will never wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and realize that you just built bulky muscles in your sleep.

First, I want to establish that having muscle doesn’t mean being bulky…

The first thing you need to do is compare these two women:

For reference, the girl on the left is a runway model and the girl on the right is an elite CrossFit athlete. Both have approximately 12-15% body fat. Both are doing something they love, and the bodies they have created help them do that.

On the left, we have a runway model who has almost zero muscular development while also having almost zero fat deposits. She has enough essential muscle to not fall over walking, but not much more. If you want to look like the woman on the left, sorry, but we cannot help you get there. Although, if you have an apple and a cigarette a day for about a year, you could get close. It supposedly worked for Christian Bale in the Machinist. However, CrossFit South Bay will not help you create that type of body.

The female on the right has spent years developing her strength and muscle. She has battled heavy weights and pushed herself to the limit to squat, deadlift, and lunge heavier weights every time she comes into the gym. She weighs approximately 35-40 lbs more than the runway model due to the large amount of muscle that she has acquired. She is likely approaching her genetic limits in the amount of muscle she can develop without going on a bodybuilding routine. Between her and the runway model, there is likely very little difference genetically, yet there is a huge difference in training and diet (more on this shortly).

Same elite CrossFitter, now dressed up, still bulky??

Thus, you can have a large amount of muscle without ever looking “bulky”. Don’t you agree??

Now that we know that muscle doesn’t make you “bulky”, what does??

Well, the answer is fat. Excess adipose tissue will result in less than satisfactory aesthetics. This is regardless of the amount of muscle you have. This is easily seen in the image below:

The image at left shows a female figure that has a large amount of fat, while having a very small amount of muscle. This is described in the fitness community as “skinny fat”. While not overly “bulky” she doesn’t have the aesthetics that most of us work so hard to attain. The woman in this image is likely at a level close to 30% body fat and likely has a similar amount of muscle as the runway model. So even though she may look fine wearing a sweater, it is a different story at the beach.

The trick is how to fix this. Well, option 1 is to eat less and do tons of cardio, surviving on a diet heavy with running and light on food, and you will end up looking more like the runway model above. Option 2 is to develop muscle to burn away the excess fat while doing cardio, resulting in looking more like the elite CrossFitter above.

Ok, so we have started to establish that building muscle isn’t a bad thing, right?? Yet, you are afraid that by squatting and deadlifting, you are making your legs and butt bigger, thus getting more “bulky”, correct??

Here is the kicker, the reason your legs (and shoulders and arms and back) are getting a little bigger is that you have now started to add some muscle to them. Now, that muscle will burn more calories, starting to help whittle away at the amount of fat you have on your body, even while you sleep. You now are able to achieve that “lean” and “toned” look, as your body fat levels have decreased, and your muscle is starting to show, giving the “toned” look.

BAD cardio

Bad cardio and worse cardio…

Some people keep saying to be leaner they just need more cardio and less strength. Well, yes, if you just do “more cardio”, you will lose more fat, but you would also lose muscle because without strength training, your body burns muscle as well as fat. So, instead of looking more like a Victoria Secret model, you start to look more like a runway model. Then, once you stop doing “more cardio” you will gain fat even faster now that you don’t have the muscle to burn the extra calories, resulting in the “skinny fat” look. You can see this in ex-athletes that have tried to “get leaner” by doing “more cardio” only to result in having more fat with less muscle.




This can also happens as we age, as the muscle we built by running, jumping, and playing in our childhood and teens atrophies due to under-use with a more sedentary life, so people in their early twenties are seen as having “high metabolisms”, supposedly not having to work to maintain lean body shapes. This “high metabolism” is because the muscle they built in their teen years is burning excess calories and fat, and with the low body fat levels, you can see their “toned” muscle underneath. However, as they take day jobs and do not stimulate their bodies, their muscles atrophy, burning less calories and thereby lowering their “high metabolism” and leading to increased body fat as they age. Usually, people try to do “more cardio” to regain their lean, toned bodies that they had when they were younger. However, since they do nothing to build new muscle or maintain their current muscle, they slowly transition to a thin, but “skinny fat”, look as they age. 112 18 47 133 135

Train like an athlete…. Look like an athlete…

Most people can agree that they want to get “toned” and “lean”, but have you ever asked someone that was “toned” and “lean” what they have done to get that way?? You should, because almost every athlete I know that looks “toned” and “lean” has spent years working to develop strength, power, speed, endurance, and stamina for a sport. They move HEAVY weights quickly.

Lastly, you will never be able to create muscles like a man lifting weights.

A WOMEN THAT LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS MUSCLES LIKE A MAN HAS LIKELY TAKEN STEROIDS!! This is the defined truth, a woman’s muscle development is much different than a man’s. Unless a woman has a very different genetic make-up (a very, very small portion of the population), or does bodybuilding type workouts, specifically designed to increase the size of the muscles, it is almost impossible to build muscle like a man. (And, as much as you might think it is true, you only have a 1 in a million chance of being the 1 in a million that has the different genetics, so stop saying, and believing, it)

This is because males have 20-30 times the testosterone of women, resulting in deeper voices, more body hair, and more muscle development. Women just physically cannot build muscle like men can, sorry but it is a scientific fact. Some of the maximal amounts of muscle you can put on a female frame with CrossFit training can be seen below. These are women that built their bodies using sports and strength training.

An extremely high level of muscle on a female will look like the pictures above, but again, only with many YEARS of weights training and a focus on a clean diet.

So, lastly, just to clarify, “bulky” means fat. Which does not happen when you work hard at CrossFit South Bay!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'll have another.... (it's working!)

My computers are back up and running- the overdue, Mexico post:

I found myself saying this over and over in Mexico "I'll have another...". That's what happens when you are at an all-inclusive resort with your friends and someone asks "I'm gonna get a drink- do you want one?" Why not, my friends- sure- I'll have another.

Adam and I spent 4 glorious days in Cancun. All I can say is we had a blast and I highly encourage destination weddings after our experience at Courtney and Brian's wedding. The wedding went off without a hitch and it was a freaking blast, if I do say so myself. Court was a stunning bride and Brian, you looked ok too :) They are such a good looking couple- and they are both going to be doctors (in like a week). Its is possible to keep up?!

Here are a few of my favs: Or you can look at Brittany, Ashley or Vanessa's blog :) Since I am a little behind on posting this and they did a better job anyways:

The boys pretty much all fell in love with each other. In fact, one of the nights at dinner- we sat boys at a table and girls at the other.

Robert and Adam after an intense game of beach baseball.

These pics are in no order. But the lovely Kelly twins after Ash caught the bouquet!
And I just love this picture of Ashley and Lora. They look so pretty!

Adam and Brian. Lookin good.

All of the girls at the rehersal.

I might be obsessed with the STA girls. I think someone shouted "strike a pose" right before this was snapped.

The Pi Phi girls getting ready to head to the wedding.

I love this picture of Courtney and I - even though its slightly blurry.

I am just so excited for Brian and Courtney Seacat! Perfect wedding for a perfect couple. I am super cheesy right now. Maybe because I have been thinking of captions for greeting cards all morning.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here I am slacking again...
So- we went to Mexico, it was a freaking BLAST. I wrote a post about it, but I can't get my pics uploaded right now, so this has made my blogging experience extremely difficult. I basically use my PC to type up the post, upload the pics I want. Then I hop on my MAC to edit/switch the photos around, etc. In addition, my PC charger is broken so until work sends me a new one- no PC for Emily.

Anyways, it was amazing. I have looked through every one's pictures like 20 times because I want to go back. Like now.

So- Adam got a new job. He wasn't seriously looking or anything and kinda just fell into this position. It's with a start up company in Boulder and he started yesterday. Today is day two and so far, so good. Its a sales role and I think he will really like it.

After Adam got his new position, I decided maybe I should look for jobs in Boulder too. I mean, we could car pool together and Adam and I love the vibe/energy and pretty much everything about Boulder. So- I have interviewed and will let you know if my job situation changes. I hope so. I hate my job. I hope my boss is reading this.

Lastly, our lease is up June 30th!! WooHoo! We were going to rent, but found this cute house for sale- thinking about putting an offer on it- but waiting on a few things first. Again, I will keep you posted if suddenly we BOTH have new jobs, a new house, a second dog and I am pregnant.

Just kidding. Kind of.
Sunday, May 1, 2011

I suck at blogging.

But I have good excuses! Such as:
Attending Court's Bach party, which I never blogged about (we are beautiful):

And celebrating this beautiful Mother-to-be, Mrs. Jessica Oliver:
And traveling to AZ for some sales meetings and a fun filled weekend with Miss Samatha Otts:

Then the one and only Ashley Payson came to Denver (ciddah).

After she left, we launched our closed Beta test-site for this side business called BumblePost we have worked a year on.... (if you want an invite, please send me an email:

And finally, this weekend was Adam's Bday. We celebrated with a date night on Friday and a party with some friends on Saturday. All in all, I think he had a great birthday! The big 2-6! Yes, I am the eldest in our household.

And I will not be blogging the rest of the week because I have a ton to do before we leave on vacation Thursday morning to Cancun.


PS- some big news to share soon regarding jobs, life and the usual randomness of our decision making....