Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3.11.14/31 weeks!

Today there isn't a lot of news to share.  I made it through another day and I am officially 31 weeks pregnant!   I am still getting contractions that are fairly painful, but they aren't super close together at this time. 

This is my 5th day post water breaking which is a feat in itself.  This baby really wants to come out and I feel like it is pure will power (and some clinching?) that is making him stay in for now.  I will  know soon enough what real labor feels like but I do think I have been in mild labor for like 5 straight days. 

I am talking with HR today on my options for leave from work.  I work for a great company but just hope that we can work something out as I don't want to spend my entire maternity leave at the hospital or in the NICU.  Need to save some of it for when he comes home.  I just keep reminding myself that there is a prize at the end of this tunnel.  And I keep making my mom promise it is worth it. :) ha.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Thinking about you everyday and praying hard. You are a strong woman! Thank you for the daily updates and keep posting your prayer request!

  2. omg, clinching! even in this trying time, you are still creepy/funny. ;)
    love you and praying for you often!!

  3. I love your posts, Emily. Us KC folks are all praying. You're precious! Beth C