Sunday, March 9, 2014

3.8.14/ No news is good news!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful which is a great thing. Physically I felt much better (not like I was going into labor) and your prayers are working as both Adam and I were in much better spots mentally.  Do you know the hospital I am staying at delivers between 300-320 babies PER MONTH???? How crazy is that?  And I guess March is a really busy month for them for some reason- everyone has too much fun in June, I suppose.... swimsuits and short shorts.  

The only thing on the docket today is a tour of the NICU this afternoon.  Just to 1) mentally prepare our self for how small this baby will be.  At the ultrasound 2 days ago the weight estimate was 3lb 4oz. If I can keep him in the oven, he could make it to over 4 lbs in the next few weeks potentially. 2) Our birthing class/hospital tour was scheduled for the beginning of April.... so we haven't even seen this place before.   I am going to try to cancel and get our money back. Adam was joking we should still show up to the class WITH our newborn.

Today we are thankful that Baby G is still safe and sound inside of me, we are at a great hospital (the best in Denver for having a baby),  Janon Otto is on her way out today- woohoo for moms!, and I personally am very grateful that Adam works from home.  Which means he gets to hang with me pretty much this whole time at the hospital. 

Prayer request are similar to yesterday:

1) Healthy Baby
2) A baby that would like to stay in there for a few more weeks
3) God to continue to calm our anxiety

*** The goal is 34 weeks, which if I make it is April 1.  Of course I would have a April fool's baby :) 23 days to go!


  1. Such great news!!! We are praying and sending you guys lots of love! Keep cookin, Baby G! :)

  2. Ahhhh, so glad to read all of this! Praying for you often from Wichita. Love you guys!

  3. Lots of prayers to you three from the west coast!! Baby G is just so excited to meet his parents he doesn't want to wait! Keep the blog updated I am sure you'll have some entertaining hospital stories to share!

  4. Prayers flowing here! So thankful for your blogs. Blessings come in disguise sometimes.
    Beth C

  5. Thank goodness, I've been thinking of you all day! Love the blog updates, hoping and praying for many uneventful days and weeks to come. Hang in there Griffins.

  6. Sending prayers your way 24/7. Keep good is granddaughters were born 9 weeks early and are 10 years old now & thriving. Hold tight to your faith and each other. Love you. Trish

  7. Sending lots of love and prayers your way Emily and Adam!! Thank you for updating, this is great news!!